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5 Simple '90s inspired Halloween costumes

Attention guys and ghouls. Halloween is right around the corner. Costumes can be competitive. No need to stress, though, with some simple throwback looks. Here is a list of five ‘90s costumes you have been sleeping on: 

The Craft 

Are you fiery like Bonnie? Intuitive like Rochelle? Good like Sarah? Perhaps you're simply psychotic like Nancy? This 1996 cult classic will appeal to any group of witches. When the four girls become power crazed, the school bully starts rotting. The popular hottie becomes a clinging stalker when a love spell goes wrong. Throw on your rosary beads and trendy school girl skirt and have people running from the sight of you. Don’t be shy to wear those platform kicks, cause you’re the weirdos baby. 


This 1996 nostalgia tells the story of Matilda. A highly intelligent girl with telekinesis powers and a passion for school. She stands up to the cruel school principal Miss Trunchbull. Have post-breakdown bangs and want a costume to put them to good use? Tie a red ribbon in your hair and carry a lizard in a mason jar. Matilda was depicted in a blue dress and mary janes. Her shoes were often paired with white ankle socks, too.

Buffy and Spike

Ready to slay some vampires? Buffy, her group of friends all protect their town of Sunnydale. The perfect duo for this season is Buffy and her controversial vampire boyfriend Spike. If you want to be Buffy, some red pants and a leather jacket are essential. A wooden stake would also add to the look. If you are going to be Spike, you are going to need a black trench coat and some platinum hair. You really can’t go wrong with anything in leather and vampire fangs.  

Edward Scissorhands 

People are afraid of him because he is different. The quiet, misunderstood boy built on a castle up on a mountain will melt your heart. Anyone can easily achieve this look with a white button down, black suspenders, some teased hair and of course, the scissor hands — an easy DIY with gloves, cardboard and tin foil.  

The Mask 

You can't make the scene if you don't have the green! The shy bank clerk who comes across a magical green mask. When he puts it on the god Loki assists him with some magic. Put on a green face this Halloween to achieve all the supernatural dreams you have been wishing for.  A yellow suit and yellow hat will get you to places you can only dream about. 


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