Labor Day Weekend in Athens was busy this year. Ohio University was hosting the postponed 2020 graduation, there were multiple markets throughout the weekend and even a quilt art gallery. 

However, one of the markets had a larger weekend than most. The Hocking Makers Market, 3301 Hocking Parkway, debuted this weekend.

“We really wanted to bring out local vendors and artists to give them a chance to have a place to sell their work,” Whitney Goller, Hocking College art program manager, said. 

Saturday was the first Makers Market, and it had quite a few vendors participate. There were a variety of items for sale including candles, pottery, vegetables, jewelry and paintings. 

Vendors are encouraged to participate but do have to go through a small process to be able to sell their items at this event. 

“We do ask that people apply, it can be found on our website,, We just ask that people sign a waiver, let us know that they’re interested and what kind of stuff they make,” Goller said. 

Participants are happy for the opportunity to not only sell their work at this market but to network at the event as well. Almost every vendor had business cards and was excited to share about their businesses.

“I really just love getting out there and showing my art to people,” Sarah Farmer, a painter and a student at Hocking College, said. “I don’t really sell that much but it’s good for word-of-mouth referrals. A lot of people pick up my business cards and contact me later. Buying a painting is a commitment, so a lot of people don’s impulse buy my paintings but these things are really good because they will see them… they’ll come back to me later and commission me that way.”

The artists and vendors participating all felt passionate about their work or products. One artist Talcon Quinn made jewelry out of ethically sourced items such as bones and old electrical wires. 

Another artist, Kalli Kostival, formed her own business called Moonbean to make candles with crystals and other small gifts because she felt inspired by a past job. 

“I used to work at White’s Mill in Athens and we had a lot of people who came in who made jewelry and stuff and who were small business owners and it just inspired me to start making my own jewelry and start my own business,” Kostival said. 

This event was not just a special event for Labor Day weekend. The Hocking Makers Market will take place the first Saturday of every month until December. Then it will begin in April again after a break for the winter.