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Take control of this semester with these organization tips

Syllabus week has breezed by, meaning homework and class schedules are setting in. But, it’s still early in the semester, meaning there’s still time to get organized. Don’t put off filling out calendars or sorting supplies. Organizing may be intimidating, but doing it now will save time and stress in the future. Settle that scatterbrained feeling by practicing our four tips for getting organized: 

Keep track of deadlines

It’s easy for a deadline to slip through the cracks when checking multiple syllabi on Blackboard. Instead, put all of your due dates for the semester in one place. If you prefer a digital format, use an excel spreadsheet. Go through the syllabus, entering the due date in one column and the assignment in the next. After doing that for all syllabi, color coordinate the columns for each class. Then, highlight all of your inputs, select the “data” tab and click “sort sheet column A to Z.” Boom, it’ll arrange all of your assignments by the due date in an aesthetically pleasing array of coordinating colors. If you prefer the traditional pen and paper route, get a planner. Pick one that sparks joy and will make you want to use it every day. Make writing down all of your assignments in the planner fun with colored pens and extra details like encouraging stickers. 


Survey your school supplies and declutter what’s unnecessary. If you have extra unused supplies, give them a new life. Local schools often accept supply donations, or ask your friends if they would use them. Also, it’s time to toss irrelevant papers and notebooks from previous semesters; they will only take up space. Computers are essential to schoolwork nowadays, so declutter it as well. Deleting old files, photos and downloads will make space for more important documents this semester. Plus, a minimal drive makes it easier to navigate your computer while searching for files. 

Take advantage of apps

Apps are designed to make daily life easier, so take advantage of them! Quizlet is a popular app used for studying. It allows users to create personalized digital flashcards, perfect for learning on the go. They also generate the flashcard sets into fun games to provide alternatives for all studying types. To help keep track of meetings and events, use Google Calendar. Users can even color coordinate inputs and set reminders for upcoming events. Evernote is a note-taking app designed for storing everything you can imagine. It allows users to take notes, write to-do lists and store important documents like receipts. Evernote also enables computers and smartphones to sync information so you can always have the app at your fingertips.  

Use campus services

Ohio University offers a wide variety of services available to students for free.

Counseling and Psychological Services provides confidential counseling and psychological therapy at no cost. College is stressful and it is crucial that maintaining mental health remains a priority. Visit or call 740-593-1616 to learn more or book an appointment. The Academic Achievement Center offers programs to help students in their studies. If one is struggling in class, they can receive Peer Tutoring or if help is needed writing a paper, students can visit the Student Writing Center. To learn more about the great opportunities the Academic Achievement Center provides, visit or email them at


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