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5 easy plants to take care of in your dorm

With the arrival of fall, the trees have shed their leaves, and greenery is slowly turning brown. Decorating your living space not only can brighten these autumn days, but also can bring some cheer to any mood. Plants are a fun and inexpensive room decor that have several benefits to health. They have been known to reduce stress and boost moods

Here are five plants that are easy to take care of: 

Aloe vera

This plant is known for relieving sunburns after a day outside. The juice from the leaves heals the skin. Also, the plant is very easy to care for. Putting the pot in indirect sunlight will give the aloe all the photosynthesis it needs. Don’t worry about having to water this plant too often; it only needs water about every three weeks.

Snake plant

The snake plant removes harmful air pollutants, as it can absorb cancer-causing toxins. Its leaves are beautifully green, stiff and long, making it unique decor for a room. This low-maintenance plant requires little water and partial sunlight. Only water when the soil is completely dry, and this plant will flourish. 


Most indoor cacti are small and come in many different shapes. These are one of the “toughest” indoor plants, as their short prickles provide protection from their surroundings. During the winter, the cactus likes direct sunlight, but be careful during summer months because the hot sun could be too intense for this plant, making indirect sunlight suitable. Water this plant whenever the soil is dry, and it should thrive with these conditions. 


This beautiful ivy plant spreads its roots all over while making the room look bright and greener with its heart-shaped leaves. These plants are very versatile because they thrive in most atmospheres. Pothos like indirect sunlight as well as low lighting, so make sure to leave the plant out of direct light, as it can be too much for the leaves. They are able to grow in dry soil as well as water. This is a propagating plant. You can cut the ends off the pothos and put it in water, and it will then grow into a new plant. 


Succulents are small plants that flourish with sunlight. Since they are a smaller plant, a couple succulents grouped together make the room look greener. They love the sun, so make sure to rotate the plant to ensure each side gets enough light. Let the soil dry between waterings. The plant will need more water during the summer months and less during the winter. If the succulent has been planted in a pot with drainage holes, water it thoroughly until the water comes out of the bottom. If the container does not have drainage, use less water for the soil


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