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Horoscope: Here's what Halloween costume you should wear

Libras, your time spent in Mercury Retrograde — for the third and final time this year — is not over yet. It may seem as if everything that could possibly go wrong, is going wrong. Don’t fret, come Oct. 18, this optical illusion will end. 

Appropriately, Scorpio season will be in full swing as Halloween approaches. Venus and Mars — both cosmic lovers — will be present undoubtedly bringing about some indisputable romantic connections that you may not have foreseen. This Halloween, let the stars decide what you should wear, as a simple costume can both dictate the mood and outcome of your night. 

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Bold and brazen Aries, a simple overdone Halloween costume is a concept far beyond your current planning, and for good reason. Likely, you’ve been searching for the perfect costume, one that is both brash, yet admirable. What other persona than that of Emma Stone’s character, Olive Penderghast, from Easy A

Yes, Olive makes some questionable decisions in the film, but only to help the less popular, and in the end, no one can deny that she doesn’t look good doing it. This costume declares confidence and is the opposite of codependency. Aries, Aries, Aries, this costume is a grade A, believe us. 

The costume production is simple and only requires a black corset top, black jeans, black pumps, black sunglasses, pearls and an iron-on letter A. 

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Your bull-headedness always shines through, Taurus, but so does your reliability, patience and practicality. Though set in your ways, you prove to be dependable, and when you hate it most, vulnerable. Olivia Rodrigo has proven to display these traits with each heart wrenching song and every impetuous track. Surprisingly not a Taurus herself, Rodrigo has a stunning sense of style and a unique one as well, making dressing up as her iconic Sour psyche ideal for the holiday. 

Feel free to either dress up as Sour Olivia, with a fuzzy purple tank top, some blue plaid trousers, layered silver jewelry and some Olivia Rodrigo face stickers from RedBubble. If you’d rather channel “Good 4 U” Olivia, Swap the blue plaid pants for a blue plaid schoolgirl skirt, add a strapless white corset top, keep the silver jewelry and put the finishing touches on the costume with some sheer knee high socks and arm’s length black gloves. 

Gemini (May 21–June 21) 

Geminis, you may have it in your head that this Halloween, a mature, provocative costume is what you need, when in reality it’s best for you to embrace your inner nostalgia, your childhood self and your affectionate, curious nature. There is no doubt you’ll be the social butterfly and life of the party come the night of your Halloween celebration, as you’re not in favor of staying with one set group. 

Trixie Tang from Fairly Oddparents is both talkative and popular, making her an excellent alter-ego for the night. Maybe you have your own Timmy Turner already, or you can finally come to terms with the feelings you have for that person you have been refuting. 

Whether you choose to dig yourself into a deeper hole or emerge with more confidence, the decision could rule the events of your Halloween and determine if you should seek out a couple’s costume. 

Prioritize purple as your color with this fit, considering all you have to do is simply purchase a purple sweater (lucky for you it’ll keep you warm), a tight white skirt, retro go-go doll boots and a purple headband. You’re bound to look adorable, Gemini. 

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

You may be feeling confused lately, Cancer. The month has likely felt prolonged. Don’t worry though, by the end of October, your fire will be fueled, as exciting news is coming your way. Your hard work has finally paid off, and there is no better way to close October than with a bang — this bang being your Halloween costume.

You often shy away from your weaknesses, which is that you can often be moody and suspicious. You are also highly persuasive and imaginative. Hone in on your insecurities as they aren’t always negatives and can be profitable. 

Similarly, Medusa is undeniably a powerhouse, turning onlookers into stone if they happen to stare into her eyes. Dressing up in a scandalous, swank Medusa costume will do the same, as you will be sure to turn heads. 

This costume can be styled and dressed up in many forms. With a simple search of the words “Medusa costume” on Amazon, a variety of options will appear. Also try pairing together pieces of clothing you already have to create the perfect spooky meets sexy ensemble. 

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Although you have wanted to experience this October to its fullest, it’s been difficult to do so. Whether it’s been a long project requiring all of your attention, a tight schedule or just a rough patch, you have been muting your humor and playfulness that everyone knows and loves. 

To retreat to a state of authenticity, consider dressing up as someone or something unconventional, and let your silly side surface as the month closes. 

The idea may sound and seem unorthodox at first, but with the agreement from a friend or romantic interest to do a partner costume, dressing up as the game Cards Against Humanity would be pristine. The concept is uncomplicated: One buddy dresses in a black oversized t-shirt as the black prompt card, and the other friend in an oversized white tee as the white response card. 

Have fun designing the costumes by sifting through your favorite and most hilarious Cards Against Humanity combinations that will surely have all of your pals and random people on the street cackling. 

@momo.329 cards against humanity: comment ur response to my card below #halloween2020 #fyp #halloweencostume ♬ Girls in the Hood - Megan Thee Stallion

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Similar to Leo, you’ve been all work and no play lately. Yes, you’re buzzing with ideas, getting high off of stress levels and the steadfastness that is your life; however, Halloween is the perfect excuse to put your emails on do not disturb, sleep in and slow down for the day. 

We know you don’t have much time to make a costume, therefore one that is both cool and calls for little to no effort, is the one for you. 

To convince yourself this really is a time to let loose, dress as the infamous Rick and Morty with a friend. 

The Rick and Morty song will be one you’ll have to be sure to play, dance along to and one you’ll most definitely have to make a TikTok to. Buying the Rick and Morty masks is the only work required, and then of course slapping on a yellow t-shirt or a white lab coat is the final step. These two cartoon characters are both smart, yet incredibly hilarious — perfectly fitting for you, Leo. 


who let us go to spirit halloween drunk

♬ Rick & Morty - Soulja Boy Tell 'em

Libra (September 23–October 23)

Oh, Libra, you don’t even have to tell us that you’re having a tough time picking out a costume. Your indecisive essence is telling enough. Luckily for you, we have you covered. Your genuity and yearning to be equal with your peers is holding you back from greatness. 

Likely, you’re following the crowd and playing it safe in terms of your outfit when this Halloween is yours out of anyone’s. You’ve recently turned a year older, and why turn the spotlight away from you now? 

With the recent release of the film Cruella, a lot of people will either dress up as Deville, or be too intimidated to. Libra, this is your sign to go all in and be extra for once.

To pull this look off, the whole shabang needs to be present — hair color and fur coat (fake of course) included. Nonetheless seize this opportunity to be someone you’re not. 

Purchase a Cruella DeVille wig from Amazon, pick a black top best suited for you, whether that be a blazer and black corset or a black dress. 

Dalmation printed jackets are rare to say the least, so head over to Amazon once more and find the Cruella Deville coat you like best. To elevate the costume, buy a red and black contact lens, one for each eye. Remember to put on your red lipstick before snapping any photos or going out to pull together the audacious, killer look. 

Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

Halloween is your solace, Scorpio. It’s the time where everyone can dress up as a monster and go unnoticed, you included. You have no shame in admitting you can be jealous, secretive and resentful, all characteristics many famous Halloween villains embody. We’re aware you have an edge, as a reckless Scorpio. You can often be a diva, and you know deep down, you get off on that.

Your semblance is not meant to be muzzled on Halloween. If anything, you should dress as the biggest diva of them all: Paris Hilton. You’re destined to own the night as this socialite owns every event she attends. 

She is drop dead gorgeous with a wicked sense of style, as the party only starts when she walks in. The same circumstances can be said for you, beloved Scorpio. 

The most promising, recognizable Paris Halloween look entails her iconic 21st birthday dress. Other celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Nicky Hilton have even imitated the look because it was that archetypal in pop culture. 

Dupes of this dress can be found anywhere online, including this one on Showpo. Top the look with a thick crystal collar and an itty bitty tiara to clarify that you’re the queen in question for the night.

Don’t leave your bestie out! Have her be Nicole Richie, second to you, obviously. 

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

You’re not one for group costumes or conforming to the crowd. You walk to the beat of your own drum, and no one faults you for that. You should feel no shame in wanting to rise above everyone else and be identifiable and memorable. 

To accomplish this, you will need to challenge your free-spiritedness and decide what works best for you. We can suggest, though, an erratic, extemporaneous costume. 

Hear us out: Elton John. This legend is the definition of flavorful, courageous and gutsy, making some of his looks fitting for a Halloween costume. There is no better outfit, however, than his “Birds of a Feather” ensemble. 

Costume designer Bob Mackie was working with Cher at the time and always dressed her in ferocious feathers. John wanted the same look and therefore began collaboration with Mackie to create this masterpiece. 

@yourbffannie here are a few of my personal ideas for some unique halloween costumes #halloween2021 #costume #halloweenlook #costumeideas ♬ original sound - annie

Capricorn (December 22–January 19) 

The most determined of the signs, you’re either losing sleep over planning the perfect costume that tops everyone else’s or are telling people Halloween is for amateurs, and that you’d rather watch a highly acclaimed horror film on your couch anyways. 

Now Capricorn, let’s try and not be too condescending this spooky season, as there is a costume for everyone and one for you as well. 

Accustomed to tradition, you aren’t one to deviate from the first costume that comes to mind, so we hope you hear our recommendation when we say you should 100% dress up as “Malice in Wonderland” which is essentially, Alice in Wonderland’s gory, monstrous twin. 

With the Malice in Wonderland costume you will be able to prove your quality of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail with a full-faced makeup look. 

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Oh, Aquarius. You should be feeling quite well given the current state of your life. As the one sign that Mercury in retrograde has little control over, opportunities will continue to pop up versus being halted, like they have been for a multitude of other signs. You deserve this, though, as your kind and calm nature often goes unnoticed, leaving you in a heap of disorientation. 

This October, however, is quite the opposite. Your humanitarian, progressive nature and your inclination to help others will be appreciated this month. Although this costume may seem elementary and juvenile at first, consider being The Lorax, an undeniably adorable movie character that exemplifies all of your best traits. 

The costume can be styled quite cute, and ultimately the costume will stand for a lot of issues such as pollution, deforestation and climate change — issues you too may be passionate about. 

Simply buy a matching orange set and follow the TikTok step by step to see how you can emulate The Lorax’s defining features.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Compassionate, intuitive, artistic, romantic Pisces. In terms of costumes you adore the classics and are set on being well-liked. You have no desire to cause controversy at the hands of your costume, or to scare trick-or-treaters away with it, either. 

This leaves you with no choice but to succumb to one of the most worn, well-known, but naturally timeless costumes, which is that of Marilyn Monroe. 

Simple yet seductive in her nature, you too can embody this aura, Pisces. Search for a flowy white halter dress, such as this modern take on one from Lucy in the Sky. It goes without saying there is always the option to pursue a dress that pays Homage to Monroe in a more accurate sense. 

The bobbed blonde hair is a staple in Monroe’s appearance, so find one on Amazon that you like best. Lastly, add her recognizable beauty mark and bright red lipstick. This look is classy and will be sure to get everyone’s attention in the best possible way. 


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