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Our power couples spent time and tears discussing their deep feelings and concerns about leaving paradise. (Photo provided by @bachelorinparadise via Instagram). 

TV Review: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale ends with rings popping, bromancing, broken hearts

“Will you marry me?” is not the only question couples are asking in this emotional finale of Bachelor in Paradise. As Season 7 is coming to a close, emotions are in full swing as couples reevaluate where their relationships and their future outside of paradise lies. 

This week begins with the rose ceremony. Guys had the roses, which resulted in Chelsea and Natasha leaving paradise. After the rose ceremony, paradise came to a dramatic end, leaving couples to consider fantasy suites and the future of their relationships outside of paradise. This led to high emotions for some couples. 

Noah and Abigail’s relationship sizzled, leaving the couple broken-hearted at the end of paradise. Noah and Abigail were not the only ones leaving brokenhearted, though. Many other couples left paradise unsure of what their future would hold. 

Our power couples, Grocery Store Joe and Serena P, Kenny and Mari and Riley and Maurissa found a way around these hard conversations and enjoyed their time in the fantasy suites. The power couples spent time and tears discussing their deep feelings and concerns about leaving paradise.

A tearful end to Noah and Abigail's relationship

From day one, Noah and Abigail were considered the strongest couple on the beach. 

They have a natural chemistry that has led them to gravitate towards one another throughout the entire season. At the beginning of this week, Noah expressed to Abigail that if they wanted their relationship to work, they needed to be more vulnerable. Noah declared his love for Abigail and she froze like she saw a ghost. Noah was alarmed by Abigail's reaction and left him reconsidering their entire relationship in paradise.

After paradise prom, Abigail was ready to open up and confess her love to Noah. However, their entire talk took a 360-degree turn. Noah tearfully told Abigail that “I don’t think I am your person.” This left Abigail devastated. 

After composing herself, they said their goodbyes, and Noah left paradise. Abigail proceeded to say goodbye to her friends and explain their situation. This news alarmed contestants and left many couples to reconsider the strength of their relationships. 

Broken hearts and bromance

After the rose ceremony, all of our couples had to discuss how they wanted to pursue their relationships outside of paradise, while also having to consider fantasy suites. This was a difficult conversation for some of our newer couples. 

Ed and Mykenna had only known each other for a few days at this point. Ed wanted to continue exploring a relationship with Mykenna outside of paradise and Mykenna did not feel the same way. But this did not keep our boy Ed down, he still left paradise with that gorgeous smile of his. 

Thomas and Becca had a very tearful discussion regarding their relationship. Thomas expressed his love for Becca and Becca did not reciprocate those feelings. Becca has been through two failed engagements and does not want to go through another public engagement until she knows for sure. This news left Thomas heartbroken as he quickly packed up and left paradise. 

Anna and James' relationship was just beginning. Anna felt a deep connection with James, however, James was not feeling the same way. Anna left broken-hearted and alone but that was not quite the same case for James. James quickly ran back up to the guys and professed his love and bromance for Aaron. Aaron literally ran down to Tia and in a polite way told her he did not want to pursue things and that he is going to continue his bromance with James. Tia was not upset but laughed it off and gave Aaron a hard time. The two, bro and bro, hand and hand, ran off into the sunset together. Honestly, the strongest relationship we have seen yet.

Who doesn’t love a good bromance?

Questions and rings are a-popping 

Our power couples made it to fantasy suites: Grocery Store Joe and Serena P., Kenny and Mari and Riley and Maurissa. Now is time for the real question...will we see some rings? 

Serena P. is head over heels for Grocery Store Joe. Grocery Store Joe told Serena P. that he did not think he was going to find love in paradise but when he met her, everything changed. 

They have been through a lot in paradise…Joe’s ex, Kendall, returned leaving him with second thoughts. Similarly, Serena P. went on a date with Thomas early in the season. 

However, the couple got through every obstacle that they faced and are now stronger than ever. Grocery Store Joe was getting ready to pop the question when his ex, Kendall, showed up to the beach minutes before his proposal to Serena P. Kendall wanted some final closure. Grocery Store Joe got through Kendall’s words and now Serena P. and him are happily engaged. 

Kenny and Mari faced many challenges in paradise this season. These two had a deep connection since the first time they met on the beach. Love at first sight? I am not sure, but it was definitely something. 

Mari pushed Kenny away in the beginning because she was scared of how quickly her feelings were developing. Kenny then pursued a relationship with Demi and went on a date with Tia. Through and through, the couple still remained strong and rekindled the fire in their relationship. In the end, Kenny ended up on one knee. 

Riley and Maurissa have been going strong since their first date. They both have been madly in love with each other through the entirety of the season. The morning after a romantic night in the fantasy suite, Riley left Maurissa questioning their relationship outside of paradise. Maurissa was extremely anxious and emotional all the way up until the final rose ceremony. Finally, Riley popped the question and now the two are happily engaged. 

It’s been one wild, emotional and hot season of Bachelor in Paradise. Lots of tears, laughter, L-bombs, bromances, confrontation, engagements and of course, love. 

It does not end just there rose lovers! Our Bachelorette, Michelle Young, is excited to start her journey to find love on Tuesday, October 19th. This chick is ready to begin her journey with an open mind and is ready to have a good time. So get your wine, get your friends and get ready for another exciting season of The Bachelorette.  


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