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The boys head to Minneapolis, Minnesota this for week five. (Photo provided @bacheloretteabc on Instagram)

TV Review: Michelle shares her love for her hometown this week on ‘The Bachelorette’

Home is where the heart is.

The guys take a trip to Michelle’s hometown in Minneapolis, Minnesota where Michelle is ready to share her love for her home. Joe received the first one-on-one date with Michelle, the guys headed to the Vikings’ stadium for their group date and Nayte’s one-on-one was interrupted by Chris S. and drama. Here are some of the highlights from week five of the Bachelorette:

Joe receives the first one-on-one 

Joe knocked it out of the park on his one-on-one with Michelle this week. Both Michelle and Joe are from Minneapolis and got to share their love for their hometown together. Joe expressed his excitement for his one-on-one with Michelle before their date saying, “It’s a beautiful day with a beautiful girl. You can’t ask for anything more.” 

Michelle took Joe to the Target Stadium where she threw the first pitch for the Minnesota Twins baseball game. The two then took a trip to Michelle’s high school and ended their day with a deep conversation at dinner. Joe was starting to open up to Michelle about his battle with anxiety and depression that came from his passion, basketball. 

After this tearful conversation, Michelle was so happy to see Joe's vulnerable side. Michelle told him, “I’m very grateful that Joe trusts me enough to open up to me about all that he experienced … I feel like, after today, my feelings for Joe have grown tremendously.”

Vikings-inspired group date 

The guys battled for Michelle's heart this week at the Vikings stadium this week. While the guys thought they would be playing some football on this group date, they were wrong. Instead, the men went through several Viking-inspired challenges. 

After a disappointing group date last week, Michelle was really looking for the guys to step up their game on this week’s group date. Michelle shared her doubtful thoughts before the group date saying, “Last group date, I came out of it really feeling like they weren’t making small moments with me.” 

However, Chris S. had a negative attitude throughout the entirety of the group date and failed to make these small moments with Michelle. Casey caught on to Chris S. acting weird and said, “Tonight, you can tell Chris S. is a little bit off. But, I don’t want anything to derail the night for myself or anyone else in the house, and especially not Michelle.” 

Nayte’s dramatic one-on-one with Michelle 

Nayte received the second one-on-one date with Michelle. The couple headed out for Lake Minnetonka to test the waters. As a plus, two of Michelle’s friends joined the couple to scope out Nayte. 

Michelle made it clear that she was very excited about this one-on-one with Nayte by saying, “Today was probably the most meaningful because Nayte meeting my friends honestly went better than I could have even imagined. For Nayte to get their approval, it made me really excited about him.” 

After their fun day at the lake, Michelle and Nayte were having a very open and emotional conversation at dinner when Chris S. barged in and made a dramatic appearance. 

Chris S. asked Michelle if they could have a conversation outside. He was reminding Michelle about how he warned her about Nayte last week and the frustration he had with the fact that Nayte received a one-on-one. Michelle was understanding and replied, “I do appreciate you wanting to look out for me. But also, at the same time, I can speak for myself … I just don’t see this relationship progressing, and so I do need to walk you out.” Rightfully so, Chris S. was then escorted out. 

Michelle returned to Nayte and told him how she sent home Chris S. and expressed that she enjoyed their time together on their date. “I feel like the chemistry that we have is undeniable. Unlike anything that I’ve felt before. And today meant so much, beyond belief,” she said. The one-on-one ended with a kiss, fireworks and of course a rose. 

This week, we said goodbye to Casey, Chris S. and Leroy. The number of guys is getting smaller and smaller as the competition continues to grow with each episode.  


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