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Answers from Ankita: Social media’s successor is here

The tyranny of technology is upon us. Our ignorance and overconsumption have led us to a time where we are subjected to numerous technological changes that result in the collapse of human social structure and negatively hamper our neuro system. But what drives humans to collaborate in their own destruction is the superficial features that satisfy their ultimate need for dopamine. 

Imagine taking a stroll in the park, and you suddenly bump into your favorite NBA player or the hottest celebrity that you are crushing on for a while. Well, this can be real in the near future with humans being able to interact with each other using Avatars created on Meta.

Metaverse, a digital print of this world, is a brand new concept introduced by Facebook. You might confuse it with already existing technologies and may overlook this. Throughout the rise of communication, humans developed more engaging mediums that can substantially communicate the message. From text to photographs, to newspaper to social media, the pivot of information has frequently changed to present itself in the best way possible. 

Metaverse is the next generation of social media. It visions to create a virtual universe where we, the citizens of the internet, will be sharing our internet spaces with others to form a replica of our real world.

Though the negatives are presumable, there are many factors that will drive our media consumptions towards this change. The unrealistic fantasies that cost a fortune in the real world can be obtained relatively cheaply in Metaverse. You will be gaining experiences that were once surreal and will meet the crowd without worrying about your safety. It is a world where your identity is in your hand; you will be able to modify yourself the way you want and engage with people. 

Mark Zuckerberg also assures that the equipment– namely, the headset– will be affordable. Its cost-effectiveness will help more people to participate in the building of this virtual reality. Moreover, your knowledge won’t be limited to what you read or see, but learning will take a different form of more engaging experiences. This technology will also give a nudge to other techs such as blockchain, dominating virtual marketplaces such as NFT.

It is worth recognizing that Metaverse has its own flaws. When considering putting this gigantic information on the internet, the question that arises is how vulnerable it makes us compared to current social media? We are well aware of Facebook’s reputation with handling our data. In the past, Facebook has been in controversy for mismanaging users’ data to spread propaganda and capitalize on misinformation. It ought to make you think about how our expanded digital footprints will be exploited for information. Currently without Metaverse, where we are somewhat detached from our digital selves, our privacy is a high stake. When we actively engage with the virtual world and put a lot more into it than some vacation pictures, it will create more concerns. With Metaverse, you will be seeing things that are highly filtered according to your taste. 

We are familiar with Instagram, TikTok and Facebook’s algorithm to see what we want to see. Believe me, my feed is overflowing with cats. This will also apply when we live our virtual selves. It is not far-fetched to believe the Metaverse will initiate the process of social collapse. Everyday things will no longer be norms as they will all be manifested virtually. 

People should be alarmed by this. It’s our time now to restrict ourselves from activities that are passively feeding on our lives. Maintaining a good balance between everything is essential, and using resources when needed will lower overconsumption.

Ankita Bansode is a freshman studying political science pre-law and economics at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. What are your thoughts? Tell Ankita by emailing her at

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