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Why we listen to sad songs, Ohio University's updated COVID-19 protocols and more

Ohio University has new COVID-19 protocols and programs for students to get boosters as the omicron variant rages through Athens. Ohio's Taniah Stephens broke a record, but it wasn't just a physical journey to get there.

There’s just something about sad music that makes it a universal experience. It doesn’t need to be from a specific artist or genre, everyone’s sad song is different. Whether you end a hard day with Noah Cyrus’ “July,” or “Dosed,” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you might feel a sense of comfort that upbeat songs couldn’t provide. So why do we choose to listen to melancholy music when we’re already feeling down? The answer isn’t clear. Read on…

Many universities around the country opted for an online start to the spring semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but OU’s choice to return in-person was a pleasant surprise to students and faculty. OU’s Athens campus has surpassed 90% vaccination rate, a milestone that the university cited as a reason to proceed in-person and allowed for a return to campus. The vaccination rate, in collaboration with the updated COVID-19 protocols have Bobcats back on the bricks of Athens. Full story…

If you’re one the several thousand active COVID-19 cases in Athens right now, you’re likely stuck in a limbo of trying to figure out which pieces of isolation information are accurate. While Athens did experience a major spike in cases, healthcare professionals say the worst of the spike is over. Here’s the latest information in Ohio University’s updated isolation protocols:

Track and Field: Ohio’s Taniah Stephens has her name in the record books after breaking the 300-meter record that remained intact for four decades. Her success wasn’t without struggle, however. As is the case for many athletes, sports don’t just require a physical ability, your heart has to be in it too and for Stephens that feeling just wasn’t there — but her family was. Full story…

Ohio University has been advocating for students, faculty and staff to get their booster shots to slow the spread of the omicron variant. Despite the various messages to students encouraging them to get boosted, the university has not yet implemented any incentive programs similar to the ones in July and September of 2021 for students to receive the primary COVID-19 vaccines. Read the rest here:

Jack Hiltner

Digital Director

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