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Photo provided by HBO Max via LADbible. 

Here are the highlights from the HBO Max Harry Potter reunion

A few weeks ago, HBO Max released a reunion film for the Harry Potter franchise. It’s been 20 years since the release of the first film in the series, something that might seem unbelievable. Nonetheless, it is very evident just how far so many of these actors have come since starring in this series which so many of us grew up watching. 

The series was a dichotomy of analysis on the behind-the-scenes in the making of each individual film, starting at the beginning and venturing to the end. In laying it out this way, the audience got to hear the stories from the very beginning of the franchise to the very end without sparring a single sentimental detail.

Starting at the beginning, we are allowed access to the ways in which the main characters came into playing their roles, as well as the beginning of the starring trio’s acclimation into their roles. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint shared their experiences getting acquainted to fame and being able to play such loveable characters at such a young age. This was the most endearing aspect, as the audience was able to see the actors that we’ve attributed as such wonderful friends, actually have a deep love for each other and simply reminisce on the beauty of their shared experiences at the onset of creating the wizarding world of Harry Potter. 

Something that was particularly interesting was having the directors of each film come back to shed light on the process behind each film and giving them sections within the film to come back and interact with the actors. You could tell that the actors had such fond relationships with their directors and with each other that surpassed what the audience could’ve ever imagined. 

The actors were split up in smaller groups based on character relationships which was a very nice touch, as viewers were able to hear experiences of the actors as they worked with one another and shared some very fond moments. At one point, the Weasley family were put back together, as well as Tom Felton and the other Hogwarts students that moved the story along. And who can forget the reunion of the Golden trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron? As mentioned, this was a highlight of the show as they really talk about their lives together in the making of the films, Rupert Grint saying at one point in the dialogue they were “family” and “would always be in each other’s lives.”

The reunion was touching for various other reasons as well. In one of the segments, they pay homage to the members of the cast that passed away either while filming or shortly after. The film did a wonderful job of recounting their memories through reliving the wonderful memories they made with their fellow actors. This was a sappy segment, as many close actors and friends that had close relationships with those that passed recounted their favorite moments from filming, which left them teary-eyed and was sure to make the audience have the same reaction. 

This reunion was vastly more than I would’ve ever expected it to be, in that you could feel genuine love coming from each and every actor. As they ventured on from these wonderfully memorable films, you could tell that it was never truly over for them. They understood that just because you move on to other roles, you never give up the roles so many have such a deep-seated love for. These are some of Britain’s finest actors and yet they still have such love for the roles they played in this series so long ago. The roles they played in this series are in a lot of ways, a very real part of why they love acting. As you move on to bigger and better things you’ll always remember what you started out as, or in most cases, the roles you loved the most. 


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