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Here’s everything we know about Olivia Rodrigo’s second album

Olivia Rodrigo took the world by storm with “Driver’s License,” “Good 4 U” and her debut album, Sour. Now, similarly to her muse Taylor Swift, conspiracy theories are circling about Rodrigo’s second album — which some think will be called Sweet

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star has generated some severe conspiracies regarding the new album, and though there’s not much to give yet regarding the album, here’s what we’re guessing based on theories so far: 

Release Date: Not any time soon

Rodrigo is gearing up for The Sour Tour, which begins in April and runs through July, so it’s unlikely she’ll have time to complete the album any time soon. If we do get it in 2022, we’ll definitely be waiting until the end of the year. Rodrigo did tell the Los Angeles Times she’s been writing a lot recently, and considering she wrote some of her Sour tracks during filming season two of HSMTMTS, she might get a lot of writing done during season three, which is already in production. 

Album Title: Sweet

Of course, this is still just a guess, but thanks to TikToker Cody Johnathan (@codyjohnathan), we have the theory that Sour’s sister album will be called Sweet, as he discussed in a video. He said he’d been following Rodrigo for a while and came up with the theory when her debut album didn’t have any songs about being in love but rather solely focused on post-breakup tracks. It seemed suspicious. 

"When I was listening to Sour, I was surprised that literally none of the songs were love songs. They were all post-breakup (songs)," Johnathan said. "So, my theory is that there’s a second album coming called Sweet that has all of the sweet parts of a relationship and not the sour ones."

Johnathan also pointed out that Rodrigo's partnership with Sour Patch Kids could be telling, seeing as the company’s tagline is "First they're sour, then they're sweet." However, Olivia also pretty much told Clash that Sweet was not the plan, so we’ll see if it’s maybe just a fake-out.

The vibe: In love and romance

In keeping with the Sweet theory, it’s likely the album will focus on a lot more romantic themes than Sour. Olivia told Clash that her next album is “probably going to be a lot happier than the record I just made.” She also cited St. Vincent and Jack White as dream collaborators and said her “tastes are always changing, and…that will be reflected in the next album.”

Many are taking that to heart with the choice of the word “tastes.” Hopefully, we’ll get the romantic tracks to balance out the break-up tracks, though I will say she could deliver another album of break-up bops, and we would not complain a bit.

Whether or not any of this is accurate, time will tell. However, keep checking out theories on TikTok and following Rodrigo’s social media to get some updates.


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