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Our favorite spring break destinations

The only thing that makes midterms better is knowing spring break is at the end of it all. It’s our ray of sunshine at the finish line. Whether you're jet-setting to a beach location or chilling at home, spring break is the time to put your feet up and take a load off. You know you deserve it!

With spring break upon us, it’s time to reflect on some of our fondest times. Here’s our favorite spring break memories and destinations: 

1. Destin, Florida 

Last year, I was lucky enough to go on spring break with all of my friends and their families, and it was one of the most memorable and hilarious vacations I’ve ever been on! I had never been to Destin before, but the weather was actually decent, and I managed not to get too sunburnt. Every time I think of Destin, I just remember staying up late into the night, running around on the beach and crying laughing with all of my best friends. It was a great addition to my senior year of high school, and I will always wish to go back in time to that week. - Grace Koennecke

2. Clearwater, Florida 

I know that Florida is a cliche Spring Break destination, but Clearwater is the perfect place where one can relax while also partaking in activities. My mother and I have a tradition of going down there together almost every spring break since I was in middle school, and things never get old. We spend our time at the hotel across the bridge from the busy, tourist side of Clearwater, and we chill by the quiet poolside. The beach is under a 10-minute walk from our usual hotel as well, and we always make it a point to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant with the best churros. - Mimi Calhoun

3. Sarasota, Florida 

Over the years, my mom and I have traveled to Florida to visit my grandparents. My mom was a teacher in our local school district, so we always had the same spring break week. The main attraction in Sarasota is Siesta Key Beach, with beautiful white sand and many water activities. My grandpa would always take me here, and we’d go shark tooth hunting. You can rent a sifting basket on the beach and use it to dig through the sand in the shallow water to find shark teeth. I thought this was the coolest thing ever! Memories from these trips will definitely stick with me forever. - Anna Porten

4. Hocking Hills, Ohio 

Ohio is not just cornfields and soybeans. Hocking Hills, just 40 minutes from Athens, is a true hiking paradise for Ohioans and hiking enthusiasts alike. Although I’ve spent most of my spring breaks at home in Cincinnati, Hocking Hills is a place my friends and family have enjoyed visiting. The endless trails, camping, Old Man's Cave and the sheer history of the place make it memorable each time one visits. - William Troyer

5. Anywhere in Florida 

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the state of Florida throughout my life. Each city in the beautiful “Sunshine State” provides my family, friends and me with the perfect break from work and the winter. From one of the Keys to Marco Island and even Fort Lauderdale, I have made some great memories in these places. The beaches are beautiful, the food is amazing and everyone seems overall more content. Although I haven’t been to every city in Florida, I hope to continue to vacation on the beautiful beaches of this paradise of a state. - Grace Brezine

6. Ft. Myers, Florida 

After COVID-19 hit, my junior class was afraid we wouldn’t be able to have a senior spring break the following year, just like the class of 2020. Fortunately, practically my entire grade packed up their things and headed to Ft. Myers for the week during our senior year. My district had two high schools, and everyone knew each other, so it was expected to be a blast. I went halfway through the week, though, since my group had planned to visit our other friends at a different beach on the weekend. We enjoyed house parties and relaxed by the beach — the perfect senior spring break trip. The funny thing was, since most people already hung out with each other all the time, no one got sick! - Kendall Wright

7. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

This Florida destination is essentially the Las Vegas of the East Coast. Rightfully so, what happens in Laudy stays in Laudy. When I was a sophomore in 2019, I was beyond excited to head to the Florida spring break hot spot for the first time. It was paradise on earth with the impeccable weather, all my friends staying in the same hotel, lying on the beach and going to nightclubs. We thought it wouldn’t get much better until it was my birthday, March 10, which happened to be the same day the entire world shut down due to COVID-19. Young and naive to the real reality of the situation, we celebrated not having to return to school for another week that very day and pushed back our flights an entire week. Of course, we realized the unfortunate events thereafter when we never got to return to campus. Although it ended on an emotional note, that trip to Ft. Lauderdale was such a core memory of my college experience and something I will always be grateful for (but will never be returning). - Madyson Lewellyn

8. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (again)

Likewise to Madyson, I would be lying to myself if I said Laudy wasn’t my favorite Spring Break destination, considering I am heading there in a few days for the third time in the past three years. Yep, that’s right: my freshman, sophomore and now junior year spring break will have all been spent in what Madyson referred to as the Las Vegas of the East Coast. The memories I have with the girls I didn’t know nearly as well my freshman year, who are now my roommates and people I consider family, are endless. From obsessing over an overpriced drink called a pineapple crush from Cafe Ibiza, getting noise complaints left and right at our Airbnb located in what we didn’t know was a wealthy retirement high rise to singing karaoke in a dive bar on the beach and making friends with anyone and everyone who strikes up a conversation with us — Laudy keeps calling us back despite us promising to venture out and try somewhere new. Maybe next year, girls, but for now, let’s soak up the cliche college foray one last time. - Emma Dollenmayer

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