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Police Blotter: Vehicle stolen and found abandoned; caller mistakes flashing light as Morse code signal

Stolen and Crashed

The sheriff’s office received a report from a resident of Harrison Drive in Athens who said they had loaned their vehicle to a friend that was subsequently stolen. 

The vehicle was stolen from McVey Road in Albany and found crashed and abandoned by the Ohio Highway Patrol. Neither the caller nor the friend who had the car knew it was missing until it was found. 

Sending Signals 

Athens County Sheriff's office deputies were dispatched to Trimble Township after receiving a report that lights were going on and off in a residence. 

The caller thought someone may be using the lights as Morse code to send a signal that they may need help. Upon arrival, deputies did not notice a disturbance or emergency. According to the sheriff's office, the flashing was likely due to a faulty light. 

‘I gotta go’ 

Deputies from the sheriff's office were flagged down while out and were told there was a single-car accident on State Route 13, near Millfield. 

The driver fled the scene and got a ride home. Deputies located him and returned him to the scene of the crash. The Ohio State Highway Patrol completed the crash investigation. 

Off the road 

The sheriff's office supported the Ohio State Highway Patrol in response to a vehicle that slid off the roadway on U.S. 33, which is near Peach Ridge in Athens. 

The motorist was able to get back on the roadway with the assistance of the responding units. 

Just Kidding 

Deputies from the sheriff's office responded to a breaking and entering report in Athens Township. The caller suggested the event was occurring at the time of the call. 

When deputies arrived, they determined that the noise the caller reported was a local business loading their trucks. 

‘Where did he go?’

A deputy from the sheriff's office responded to Gun Club Road in New Marshfield on a report of an intoxicated male. 

The caller said the male had left prior to the arrival of the deputy in an unknown direction. Deputies could not locate him. 

Stolen Information 

A female called the sheriff's office to report that her information was used to open a new bank account. There are no leads in the case, according to the sheriff’s office. 

Party Season 

Sheriff's deputies responded to Doanville in response to a loud music complaint. The caller reported their neighbor was playing music at a volume that obstructed the callers ability to sleep. 

Deputies responded to the scene, and the neighbors turned down their music. 


Deputies received a report that a truck on Lottridge Road in Guysville was stopped in the middle of the roadway in an area that was hard to view. 

The truck was moved prior to deputies arrival. 

Shots Fired 

The sheriff's office received a report that gunshots were heard in Coolville. 

Deputies arrived at the scene and sat stationary in the area but did not hear any additional gunshots. 

‘I think my car was stolen’

A deputy from the sheriff’s office responded to a report of a car that was potentially stolen in the Coolville area. 

The deputy spoke with the caller on the scene and was told they had contacted a friend who had the vehicle and was now returning it.  


Molly Wilson

News Editor

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