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Kid Bloom's debut album was released on June 2 and is available for streaming now (Photo provided by @kidbloomusa via Twitter).

Every song from Kid Bloom’s ‘Highway,’ ranked

Under the moniker of Kid Bloom, Los-Angeles based singer and songwriter Lennon Kloser has entered the indie-pop music scene with fervor. Releasing back-to-back EPs and many singles, Kid Bloom is one of those artists that are on the brink of winning over the hearts of the music world. 

Kid Bloom’s latest album, Highway, is their longest work yet with 12 songs on the docket. Including singles that were released earlier in the year, Kid Bloom has rounded out this debut album with songs covering heartbreak, uncertainty and more. Here is every song off the latest album, ranked:

12. “Keep Up”

Only one minute and 32 seconds long, "Keep Up" leaves little to be desired. This song is far too off-beat and slow to fit in with the other tunes on the album. After listening to this song, you may be left wanting something more. Don’t worry, the album is far from rounded out with just this one song.

11. “Cowboy”

Another song laced with electronic sounds, this song also incorporates a slight twang typically heard in country music. This isn’t like anything you’d typically hear from Kid Bloom, and I’m not sure it’s the best thing he’s come up with.

10. “Drew Blood on Your Rose”

Singing about losing someone and how “it’s yours to forgive / and mine to forget,” Kloser starts this song off atypically. It sounds like the intro of a video game before it returns to the electronic tunes typical of Kid Bloom. 

9. “Yellow Line”

The ‘80s movie feeling continues with this song that includes notes that are reminiscent of that time. It wouldn’t be surprising to feel like you’re living or acting in a movie when walking and listening to this tune. The lyrics aren’t as clear in this song as in others, which would be the only reason this is ranked lower. 

8. “Something’s Hanging over Me”

The last song on the album, “Something’s Hanging over Me” reminds you that you’re hanging on to those thoughts for a little too long. Kloser sings, “Something hanging over me / I pay no mind / I’m so ready / Won’t you let me say goodbye.”

7. “Like I Never Left”

Released on Nov. 4 in 2021, “Like I Never Left” is the perfect mix of electronic sounds and sensuous vocals. Kloser sings, “Every time I give up you give in / Every time you get up I’m following,” informing the listener that he’s not going to give up on pursuing what he wants.

6. “I Fell in Love Again”

Released on Jan. 21, “I Fell in Love Again” is the perfect song that reflects this whole album. Generating feelings of being lost and going through the same motions, this song is one you could play over and over and never tire of hearing. 

5. “Remedy”

The title of the song was enough context to know this one would be a hit off the album. This song literally feels like a remedy as he sings, “Did I take the steps to be someone new / The more I think the more I prove.” It’s evident that Kloser took influence from his friend and The Neighbourhood frontman, Jesse Rutherford.

4. “Just the Thought”

Written by Kloser and Rutherford, “Just the Thought” brings back those vibes of repeating actions such as “I Fell in Love Again.” If you’re looking for an existential heartbreak song of the summer, look no further.

3. “Have U Seen Her”

This was the last song to be released before the album arrived, and it’s no wonder they did so early. This song covers the idea of simultaneously loving but also being fearful of losing what you love. This song is perfect to blast and have a solo dance party.

2. “Middle Ground”

“Middle Ground” gives off the feeling that it was meant to be in an ‘80s movie that takes place on the beach. We all know it’s easy to get stuck in the middle, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This song is typical, Kid Bloom sound and we’re here for another song with these vibes.

1. “Does It Feel Real”

Differing from the entire album, “Does It Feel Real” breaks away from the electronic vibes to try out a more pop-rock sound. Anyone can relate to the lyrics that say, “I went to college got the knowledge / Then went off on my own / I turned out just fine.”


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