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Five tips to survive panhellenic recruitment

Panhellenic recruitment seems like an intimidating process, but it’s actually an amazing opportunity to find a new group of people who are similar, or different, to you. Even though the process is glamorized, and at times dramatized thanks to social media, it’s surprisingly the exact opposite at Ohio University.

If you’re a freshman or sophomore worried about what the panhellenic recruitment experience entails, you’re reading the right article to guide you through the two-weekend-long process. Here are five tips to survive going panhellenic:

Remember to stay open-minded

Chances are you didn’t know OU has 10 sororities on campus, all with different values, volunteer opportunities and traditions. With this in mind, don’t have your heart set on one specific chapter, especially after the first round, or else you may not get the results you want. Instead, absorb as much information about each sorority that you can, and from there you can see where your values lie. Overall, don’t go into recruitment with a set agenda. 

Be authentic

It’s cheesy, but please be yourself. Believe it or not, sororities can tell if you really want to be in their chapter or not through your physical behavior, as well as your attitude. Wear what you feel comfortable in, but what also makes you feel your most confident and try not to compare yourself to other girls’ appearances. Also, don’t dim your personality to match someone else’s. This process is all about showing each chapter who you really are, along with your passions and aspirations, so stay true to all of those.

Stay hydrated, healthy and happy

Each day of recruitment, as well as the number of rounds within them, gets more and more tiring, both for potential new members and sorority chapters. Because of this, you must stay hydrated, especially in the Athens heat, and have snacks or money on you to buy food in between rounds. You will be standing outside for long hours, and straining your voice during each round, and it’s important to make sure at the end of each day you’re taking time to rest and recharge for the next. Additionally, it’s important to take care of yourself mentally, too. Find time to be alone and do something relaxing once the day is over, or even during breaks if you have time, because talking to hundreds of girls all day is downright exhausting.

Do not talk poorly about other chapters, but recognize their hard work

In between days and rounds, many people around you might talk negatively about a certain chapter, but this is not what panhellenic recruitment is about. Every chapter on campus contains well-accomplished, kind and driven women, and they have all worked really hard to make this process as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible for you since last spring. If the people around you are being negative, remind yourself that this is supposed to be a positive experience, one that you’re in control of, and even if you do get frustrated or upset, don’t take it out on a sorority member or chapter.

Everything happens for a reason

Everyone will tell you this at least once throughout panhellenic recruitment, but this mantra really holds true. Each day, you will most likely get dropped from a house you loved, but that’s okay. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a matter of how many girls each sorority can recruit. By the end of the process, you will have one or two chapters left that align with your values, personality and goals, and that’s amazing! Basically, this process is challenging and a rollercoaster of emotions at times, but shows you that you end up where you’re meant to be in the long run.


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