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Ellison McNutt, Assistant professor of Biomedical sciences, left, gets a stir stick for her coffee as Kaylee Harris, a junior in Global Studies, prepares a smoothie bowl on Oct. 12, 2022 at "Cafe at Factory Street" in Heritage Hall.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cafe at Factory Street

You’ve heard of Front Room Coffeehouse, West 82 and probably even the university’s newest addition to on-campus dining options, Life is Sweet, which hasn’t even opened yet. But, have you heard of Cafe at Factory Street? 

Cafe at Factory Street is located at Heritage Hall, and was opened within the past year. 

Before there was Heritage Hall, there was a historic brick building that sat at 9 Factory St. This building housed a drug wholesaler, an ice house and a dance studio within its 100 years before being demolished to make way for the new Osteopathic Medicine building. 

Pieces of the original building were preserved to honor its history and build a Cafe at Factory Street. 

Heritage Hall is not as commonly visited as academic buildings like Morton and Bentley. Though it’s a further walk for many Ohio University students, it’s undoubtedly worth the walk. 

Cafe at Factory Street has a unique entree to offer that no other place in Athens does: smoothie bowls. 

Smoothie bowls are incredibly popular amongst health gurus, Malibu moms who raved about Sunlife located in California for years and just about anybody who wants a sweet, but nutritious treat every once in a while. 

Cafe at Factory Street offers six bowls that can all be made into drinkable smoothies, too. The smoothies are $5.75 and the bowls are $6.25. All add-ons are an extra $0.35. Customers can add a multitude of toppings such as spinach, strawberries, chia seeds and peanut butter.  The base flavors are as follows: 

Pitaya Protein 

The Pitaya Protein smoothie and bowl focuses on energy and digestion. It is a blend of pitaya, almond, strawberry, mulberry, spinach, banana and garden of life protein. This bowl is best for those who need a pick-me-up and want to be health-conscious while doing so. 

The Churro 

The churro is a memory booster and hones your focus. The blend consists of cinnamon, cacao nibs, cashew, banana, lucuma, maca date and himalayan pink sea salt. This bowl is suited for those who may be craving Cinnamon Toast Crunch but decide to opt for a healthier alternative. 

Game Changer

The game changer is exactly what it sounds like. It is created to boost immunity and focus. The base is made of spinach, peanut, cashew, banana, cinnamon and dates. This bowl is made for those who don’t want to be confined to just one flavor, as this bowl ignites taste buds. 

Strawberry Acai Immunity 

If you’re having a long day, and looking for an entree to eat when rewinding, the Strawberry Acai Immunity is for you. This bowl is intended to build stamina while helping you recover from a long day’s work. This blend is made up of acai berry, maqui berry, strawberries, banana, dates, cinnamon, lucuma and coconut milk. This bowl is for those who thrive on a classic fruitful smoothie. Plus, topped with strawberries, it’s simply delightful. 

Chocolate Pb Protein 

The Chocolate Pb Protein blend is for all of the Reese’s Cup, Twix and Peanut M&M’s lovers. This bowl is rich and bursts with flavor. The base is made up of cacao powder, peanuts, banana, strawberries, cinnamon, maca and dates. It’s an energy and mood enhancer, and for good reason, because consuming this delicious blend will leave customers feeling fulfilled and not guilty for indulging in some much-needed chocolatey, peanut butter flavors. 

Epic Mango 

Feeling stressed? The Epic Mango is the perfect meal solution as it is a stress reliever and endurance booster. Made with a few ingredients such as mango, pineapple, ginger and lucuma, the bowl’s bold extracts will speak for itself. 

Cafe at Factory Street also offers several different coffee beverages, as well as teas and hot chocolate offered in small, medium and large sizes. 

In addition to Smoothies and smoothie bowls, the Culinary Service venue offers a soup of the day up until around 2 p.m. for $4.00. 

If students are looking to grab something quickly, they can also pick up pre-made wraps, sandwiches, salads, pistachio packs and more at the counter. 

Cafe at Factory Street is a perfect addition, with new and diverse options, to the already bountiful lunch spots Ohio University offers, and is also a quiet and aesthetic study spot. 

The cafe is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. 


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