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5 fall-themed treats that scream autumn

What better way to celebrate the season than with some yummy fall treats? Here are five recipes to get you in the autumn spirit: 

Pumpkin pie

Is there really any dessert that screams fall more than pumpkin pie? Lillian Demellia, a senior management and strategic leadership major, made a pumpkin pie from scratch with her boyfriend this fall. 

“I love baking,” Demellia said. "I think it’s really relaxing and fun. Pies can be harder to bake than cakes because it can be difficult to tell when it’s done, (but) we were also able to roast pumpkin seeds and add seasonings like cinnamon and sugar as well as salt and garlic.”

Pumpkin sweet cream

Want to give your coffee a fall kick without the extra charge of pumpkin sweet cream from Starbucks? Fear not; there are plenty of copycat homemade pumpkin sweet cream recipes. This one uses six ingredients and has a prep time of only five minutes – perfect for those with quick and rushed mornings. 

Sophomore and political science pre-law major Ava Hamilton likes pumpkin sweet cream in her vanilla chai lattes.

“The vanilla syrup makes the drink itself sweeter,“ Hamilton said. “It makes the chai less aggressive and the milk sweeter. Sometimes I want my chai to have more spice to it and that’s where the pumpkin cold foam steps in. The pumpkin spice added to the sweet cream cold foam adds a bit of spice to the drink without it being too overpowering."

Pumpkin sweet cream is the perfect way to add a touch of fall into your coffee or other drink. 

Pumpkin bread

Another treat that totally screams fall is pumpkin bread. Making pumpkin bread should take around 20 minutes according to this recipe. Pumpkin bread has a variety of fall-like spices mixed into it and pumpkin puree to make it moist and not dry. If you’ve never had a bite of pumpkin bread, you’re missing out!

Pumpkin seeds

So you made a pumpkin pie from scratch, hooray! But what do you do with all the leftover pumpkin seeds? Easy: make roasted pumpkin seeds. This is such a fun recipe because there’s so much wiggle room. They can be made sweet or savory. This recipe shows you how to make cinnamon sugar-flavored pumpkin seeds. As a bonus: They should only take about five minutes to make from start to finish. 

Not in the mood for something sweet? Have more of a salty and savory palette? Fear not! There are a plethora of savory pumpkin seed recipes out there. This article shows six different recipes for savory pumpkin seeds from ranch-roasted pumpkin seeds to dill pickle-flavored seeds. There really is a lot of creativity to be found in making roasted pumpkin seeds. You really don’t even necessarily have to follow a set recipe. Throw your favorite spices together with some seeds, bake ‘em and you’re all set. 

Caramel apples

Caramel apples are quite the fall staple. The best part is you really don’t have to make anything, you just have to melt the caramel. This recipe claimed as “easy” should set you on the right track. After you dunk the apples in caramel, that’s where the fun begins. You can then dip your apple in a plethora of different toppings to spice them up. The recipe suggests toppings like crushed Oreos, chocolate chips, sprinkles, flakey sea salt, coconut and so much more. Get creative!

Check out how to make a couple of these recipes in the video above. Happy baking!


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