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Photo provided by Anastasia Carter. 

Concert Review: Fletcher rocks History in Toronto despite being sick

Just hours before the time she was set to take the stage, performer Cari better known as FLETCHER announced on Instagram stories that she was feeling sick, but still planned to go on at History in Toronto. 

“My sweet Canadian angels I’m going to give my absolute all for you tonight, I’m sick (not covid) & working on such a low battery, but there isn’t a shot in hell I would cancel on you,” she wrote. “Gonna give everything I’ve got but please sing extra loud with me.”

Fans in line for the concert shared their concern for her as they eagerly waited for the doors to open. Once inside, the opener Vérité started her performance around 8:15 as the concertgoers got to know those in the crowd around them.

The crowd buzzed in anticipation for FLETCHER to take the stage as the stage crew prepared her set. Adorned with street graffiti, neon signs and a shop named after the tour and album, Girl of My Dreams, the set was beyond impressive. It also included a built-in bed and a platform above the entire set allowing for an interactive and dynamic performance.

As the lights dimmed for a second time, the crowd pushed slightly forward to get closer to the stage. Drummer Cameron Lockwood, guitarist *Nicholas Veinoglou and bassist Sophie Potrykus took the stage and began playing “Guess We Lied.” As Cari began to sing, she burst through the doors of her set setting the crowd into a frenzy. Dressed in a white lace bodysuit with white pants and white boots, Cari followed the first song with another off of her Sept. 16 album, “Conversations.”

In hopes of meeting her expectations, the crowd at History sang every single word, offering Cari the opportunity to take a break when she needed to do so. Despite feeling under the weather, she still delivered an impressive performance by moving around her set and belting out her songs. 

Thanking Toronto, FLETCHER shared that this concert had been a long time coming after having had to cancel her tour that included a stop in Toronto earlier this year. 

“So that just means tonight is going to be the hottest, sweatiest, sexiest, biggest, better than it's ever f**king been,” she said.

To spice up each night’s performance, FLETCHER offers the option prior to a performance to vote on a “dream sequence,” each one including a different set of songs. 

The vote came out to be the “sex dream sequence” which included the song “Cherry” and “Girls Girls Girls.” However, Cari decided to include an additional song in the dream sequence for Toronto as a special treat. 

“You guys vote on the way that the setlist goes, and usually there are just two songs in it but because I haven’t been to Toronto in so long, is it okay with you guys if I like sing something else?”

The crowd was more than happy with this announcement as she sang “I Love You, Bitch,” prefacing the song by saying she kept forgetting the lyrics. Following through with her promise, Cari restarted the song 3 times before giving up on singing it all together while keeping the mood light about it. 

“What a flopstar, forgetting her own lyrics,” she said. 

Acknowledging her mistakes and continuing on with the show only made it better as she went on to sing “Undrunk,” “Better Version,” “All Love” and “Sex (With My Ex).” Before performing her final three songs, Cari got more vulnerable with the audience. 

“If this career path has taught me anything, it's to run directly towards the thing that scares you the fucking most in this world,” she said. 

Following this, she sang “For Cari,” a song dedicated to herself and for making her where she has. An ode to being “a bad b***** and nothing can scare me,” this song rallied the whole crowd around her as her voice started to become weak near the end of the concert.

She finished out her show with “Becky’s So Hot” and “Bitter,” leaving the crowd wishing they could have an encore but also knowing FLETCHER had given it her all despite feeling under the weather.


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