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Running Back, Nolan McCormick, runs with the ball during Ohio University's game against Fordham University at Peden Stadium on Sept. 24, 2022.

Football: Q&A with Nolan McCormick

Ohio has seen a lot of new faces on the field this year, including Nolan McCormick. The running back redshirted last season, but has played an important role on Ohio’s offense in 2022. He’s played in every game so far and is Ohio’s second leading rusher with 219 yards. 

The Post got to chat with McCormick about his first season, his influences and favorite players in the NFL. 

The Post: It’s your first season playing at Ohio. In your opinion, how’s it going so far? 

McCormick: I feel like it's been going good so far. I think my role has been a little more than maybe we expected it to be this season, but I've just been doing my best to try to make the most out of every opportunity I've had so far.

TP: You mentioned your role, which brings up my next question. You’ve played in every game this season. How does it feel to be making such a big impact on the team this early in your collegiate career? 

McCormick: It definitely feels great. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help the team win. We've had some good games so far, so just trying to keep grinding out the wins the rest of the way.

TP: Is there anything you had to adjust or do differently due to your increased role? 

McCormick: Not really, I think the coaches do a great job in the offseason preparing us to play. Coach (Brian) Smith and Coach (Tim) Albin have gotten me ready to this point. I felt ready when the opportunity presented itself.

TP: Describe the emotions you felt when you scored your first touchdown against Akron. 

McCormick: It was definitely a really cool experience. Honestly, it was kind of nice to get the monkey off my back a little bit getting that first touchdown. But, I mean, shout out to the offensive line for doing their thing and making my job easy.

TP: Did they let you keep that football?

McCormick: Yeah, I got the touchdown ball after that, so that’s really cool. 

TP: Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re a walk on, right? What has that experience been like? 

McCormick: It’s been awesome. Once you get here, you're treated just like everybody else on the team. Honestly, besides the financial aspect of it, there's really no difference between being a walk on and being a scholarship player here.

TP: Has there been anyone on the team that’s been mentoring you through your first season? 

McCormick: There's definitely been guys, especially walk ons, above me that show me how to get on the field, make (my) way through special teams. Julian Ross has really helped a lot with his experience at running back.

TP: We may have seen on Twitter that you have a Christian McCaffrey "shrine" in your room. If that’s true, can you describe that?

McCormick: There's no truth behind that. That's just a joke that one of our former coaches had. I'm a big fan of Christian McCaffrey, but yeah, no shrine or anything like that.

TP: Is he your favorite NFL player?

McCormick: Yeah, he’s got to be.

TP: Do you have his jersey?

McCormick: I have his college jersey from when he was at Stanford. Can’t have a Panthers jersey as a Bengals fan. 

TP: That’s fair. Are there any other running backs in the NFL that you look up to? 

McCormick: I’ve been watching Nick Chubb a lot because I like the way he plays. He runs downhill, (he’s) physical, kind of a one cut guy. 

TP: Do you try to emulate that into your own playing style?

McCormick: I try not to mold my game after anybody else's too much. I try to be my own player and do my own thing. But you can still pick up great things from players that you see playing on Sundays. 


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