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Tips on how to land your dream job

For some college students out there, graduation is slowly creeping up, which means they need to start looking for jobs. Because there are a lot of factors that go into landing a job, this article will cover everything you need to know when it comes to the job finding and application process.

Resume advice

When it comes to writing resumes, organization is key. You should display information clearly and highlight important pieces of information. Using bold lettering, different colors and positioning can help showcase information that employers should see. The most important part of a resume should focus on prior work experience that is similar to the jobs you want to land.

An example of this is if you were applying for a coding position at a company, adding any job experience that you had to use coding skills is a fantastic way of getting accepted at the company. This may seem obvious to some, but unrelated jobs such as being waitstaff for a restaurant would be irrelevant to add to a resume when the focus is on coding. 

However, this varies from position to position. Waitstaff and other sales-focused jobs are perfect when applying for positions where selling skills are beneficial. Make sure to add any relevant skills to strengthen your chances of getting your dream job.

Cover letter advice

Similar to resumes, cover letters require important information to be easily displayed over anything else. The difference is that you should go into detail about the skills you’ve acquired over your lifetime and how they can transfer to the new position.

A good tip to follow is that if you cannot include something on a resume that is important, such as details, then it should go onto your cover letter. An interviewer will look at your resume and cover letter before the interview, so it is important to put details about what you learned during your previous jobs on your cover letter.

A common mistake people make on cover letters is that they do not proofread what they write. Employers can throw out your cover letter and resume if they notice even a single error in grammar or spelling. It is imperative that you check for any possible errors before submitting a resume or cover letter to an employer.

Job posting sites

There are numerous sites available for prospective job hunters to go to. A well-known job site at Ohio University is Handshake, a site that focuses on college students finding jobs. Alternatively, sites like Indeed or Ziprecruiter also provide job listings for anyone who is out of college. Each site has its own unique features, allowing for people to choose a preference for which site they want to use.

Job interview tips

Be sure to make a strong impression in an interview. It is important to be confident and articulate when discussing your skills with interviewers. Be sure to dress professionally and act respectfully over the course of the interview. Prepare to answer questions about your ability and experience, with explanations ready on why you are the best candidate for the position.

Another thing to consider is to not simply repeat what was already said on your resume or cover letter, as interviewers will already know this information about you. It is best to allow interviewers to ask you questions about your experience and then provide in-depth answers regarding their questions. When thinking of answers, do not be afraid to hesitate in silence before answering, as interviewers can see that you are truly thinking about the prompt before you answer.

By following all the advice above, you can maximize your chances of landing that perfect job. Just be confident in your abilities and you will be working the job you’ve always wanted in due time.


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