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Here are five ideas for this year’s Galentine’s Day

Forget Valentine's Day and celebrate Galentine's Day this year. The origins of this holiday all lead back to the NBC sitcom, "Parks and Recreation," when the show's main character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, celebrated her longtime tradition of going out to brunch with her girlfriends and eating copious amounts of waffles.

Galentine's Day is all about hanging out with your close friends and taking time to relax before arguably one of the most controversial holidays of the year. If you need ideas for Feb. 14, here are five ideas for your Galentine's Day festivities:

Have a wine night

If you're of age, go out and buy a few bottles of wine to share with your friends. Throw on your favorite movie, play a board game or sit and talk in your living room for hours while sipping on your favorite bottle. You can even pair the wine with a charcuterie board or some chocolate if you're looking for a snack. You'll have a better time overall having a fun, relaxing night. Unlike the bars' chaos and rowdiness, this is an ideal option for Galentine's Day.

Turn your home into a spa

Another option for this Galentine's Day is a spa night with your friends. Buy some face masks, whip out some nail polish and even grab some cucumbers to put on your eyes to turn your home into the spa of your dreams. This relaxing activity is a creative way to bring people together on Galentine's Day. Instead of worrying about your love lives, an event like this will celebrate friendship and peace and be one you'll want to continue doing for years to come.

Put on your favorite movie

Have each of your friends pick out a snack or drink to bring to your desired location, pop some popcorn and set out some blankets and pillows for a memorable movie night. To make things interesting, have everyone write down their favorite movie on a small piece of paper and put it in a hat. Then, mix the pieces around and pick one of them to see whose movie choice will be played. You can do this every year to ensure everyone's movie gets picked eventually, and it'll be a Galentine's Day festivity that will retain its energy and excitement.

Go to brunch or host a brunch

Like Leslie Knope, take your friends out to a cute brunch spot in Athens such as Hangover Easy or Union Street Diner. This way, you can enjoy the slow transition from morning to afternoon while sipping coffee or piling whipped cream on your waffles. You can also host a brunch at your home, decorate your space with cute decor, and take photos. You can also make cute appetizers or cocktails for your friends to enjoy, and create a space for everyone to feel appreciated and loved this holiday season.

Create the ultimate dance party

Galentine's Day calls for the ultimate dance party, so create a collaborative playlist with you and your friends to achieve the perfect vibe. Have everyone dress up and arrive at your home, and of course, have a loudspeaker to blare your music. You can even require a theme such as disco or country to make the event more special. Sometimes, you just need to dance off the stress of school and life in general, and this is the prime time to do it, especially before Valentine's Day.


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