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Here’s what song from Snail Mail’s 'Valentine' you are based on your Valentine’s Day thoughts

Whether you're in a relationship or not, you either love or hate Valentine's Day. Maybe it's the roses and chocolate overtaking your local CVS pharmacy or the increase in PDA between couples during this month. However you choose to survive the holiday, music is here to help.

Alternative artist Snail Mail dropped her sophomore album, "Valentine," in 2021, making it the perfect project to listen to this holiday season. If you're looking for a track to connect with, here's what song from the album you are based on your Valentine's Day opinions:


This track may mislead listeners considering its association with the loving term "valentine." Yet, it's actually a breakup song. "So why'd you wanna erase me? / Darling, valentine" is the overall theme of this song. If you're currently in a post-breakup phase of your life, turn this to full blast. Snail Mail uses fast-paced guitar playing and wailing vocals to emphasize the feelings of loss, regret and even anger. It's definitely a memorable track for those who have experienced a painful breakup.

"Ben Franklin"

This song is about being in denial after a breakup. If that's you, "Ben Franklin" is a must-listen. With amazing lyrics such as "Sucker for the pain huh, honey? / But you said you'd die / You wanna leave a stain / Like a relapse does when you really try / Damn, this time I really tried," it's hard not to unleash your inner anger on Valentine's Day. Sometimes, you need to wallow in your anger on this holiday, and Snail Mail knows how to channel pessimism in the span of three minutes.


"Headlock" by Snail Mail is a more subtle nod to being in distress after a heartbreak but is more of a song about wondering what could've been instead of raging in pain. "Can't go out, I'm tethered to / Another world where we're together / Are you lost in it too?" is a lyric those who regret a breakup might hold on to. If you're lonely and nostalgic this Valentine's Day, it's okay to sit back, eat your favorite candy and let this track wash over you.

"Light Blue"

Finally, a love song! "Light Blue" is the track if you're in love this Valentine's Day. With beautiful lyrics and imagery, Snail Mail sings of being so infatuated with someone that you don't imagine a world without them in it. Evident with lines such as "I wanna wake up early every day / Just to be awake in the same world as you," the singer is totally able to encapsulate the feelings of love and infatuation. So, if you're in a relationship, you'll definitely be able to relate to most, if not all, of this track.

"Forever (Sailing)"

If you are currently facing a dilemma or rough patch in your relationship, "Forever (Sailing)" may be a song you can identify with this year. Snail Mail discusses the notion of dating someone at the wrong time and not being able to sync up your time and energy to match theirs. The chorus, "You and I, like a ship, forever sailing / You and I, everything we try is failing / Everything we do / Everything we try," is proof of this theme, emphasizing that it's normal to go through an experience like this during your formative years as an adolescent.


This Snail Mail track is one for those who miss someone but cannot face them anymore. As a result, they absolutely despise Valentine's Day. Those who choose not to acknowledge the holiday identify with "Madonna" the most because of its lovers-to-enemies storyline. "Body and blood, lover's curse / Divine intervention was too much work / I don't need absolution, no, it just hurts / We're not really talking now" is a line that may hit too close to home for you this year, but at least now you have a song you can relate to.

"c. Et Al."

Usually, this song gets lost within the listening experience of "Valentine," but if you're feeling blue this Valentine's Day, "c. Et Al." is a song that you can put on and feel sad. "Baby blue, I'm so behind / Can't make sense of the faces in and out of my life / Whirling above our daily routines / Both buried in problems, baby, honestly" are some lyrics that you can cry to and feel no shame. Like Snail Mail, love is just not your strong suit, so it's okay to celebrate this holiday by listening to the ideal sad song.


Maybe this time of year is awkward for you, as you're crushing on someone who may be bad for you, and you know it. "Glory" is a great song for thoughts of regret or anxiety, and might lead you down the right or wrong path depending on if you make the first move or not. "Couldn't even look at you straight on / Shining in your glory" is a line you probably can relate to, especially as you feel the butterflies whenever you think of the person you like this holiday season.


"Automate" is by far the most cunning song on the album, so if you're looking for revenge this Valentine's Day, give this track a listen. "I guess I couldn't keep her fire out / And I'm like your dog / I'm like your dog / Only I know / You'll be sweet if I stay / And it's not enough / Conditional love" is proof that someone deeply hurt Snail Mail, so if someone deeply hurt you, what better way to pour your feelings of disgust and anger into this outlet of a song.


Sometimes, relationships just need to end, even if it is painful to let go of the person you love. "Mia" tells the story of a breakup again, but a more difficult one. It's also a song about maturing and moving on, which might be the move this Valentine's Day. "Mia, don't cry / I love you forever / But I've gotta grow up now / No, I can't keep holding on to you / Anymore" is a tragic line, but it also symbolizes growth, acceptance and looking ahead to the future.


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