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Everything you need to know about ‘Diablo IV’

One game that has got the gaming community talking is “Diablo IV,” the newest addition to the “Diablo” franchise. There are many hardcore fans talking about the release of the game and what this means for the series, so here is everything you need to know about “Diablo IV.”

Overview of the “Diablo” franchise

The “Diablo” franchise involves a player adventurer fighting through tons of monsters and collecting large swathes of loot to push back the forces of evil from corrupting humanity. The universe also features heaven and hell, where both places are trying to manipulate humankind into serving their needs. 

The title character, Diablo, is the main antagonist of the entire franchise, often sending demons to the human world of Sanctuary to terrorize the inhabitants. The motive behind this is to make the humans become demonic because of their ancestral ties with demon hood.

Plot of Diablo IV

“Diablo IV” follows in the aftermath of a massive war between angels and devils, allowing a new antagonist to rise amongst the ashes. This character is Lilith, a demon who co-created the human world alongside an angel, Inarius. This hybrid mix of common enemies draws a lot of attention from the angels and devils, so Lilith eradicates anyone who threatens to hurt her offspring.

The player character is one of Lilith’s children, with the task to prevent her from making her hybrid offspring too biased towards demons. Unfortunately for the player, there are many demons between them and Lilith, so they need to become stronger if they eventually want to fight Lilith.


Similar to the other games in the franchise, “Diablo IV” is an action role-playing game, where you have to think tactically to defeat your foes. Players can specialize in a class at the start of the game, choosing roles like being a buff barbarian or a sly necromancer. It is the player’s responsibility to become proficient in those roles by playing the game and leveling up their character.

These classes offer a unique experience because of the traits exclusive to each of them, so players can create multiple characters if they’re looking for something new. The items that you find will help develop your character's abilities, so customization is a major part of the strategy. This also gives gamers creative freedom to create a badass hero that feels unique to them.


Overall, the reviews for “Diablo IV” have been positive despite there being some known issues with connectivity to the game. The game has been praised by audiences, stating that the characters and graphics of “Diablo IV” are phenomenal. However, many have claimed that they’ve had trouble logging into the game because of exceptionally long wait times.

One thing to consider is that “Diablo IV” has not been fully released yet, with only early access test branches being available. These test periods are to identify problems early on so that the developers can fix them prior to the game’s release date, which is June 6, 2023. 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then check out the official trailer for “Diablo IV” down below:


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