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Amazon must-haves for college students

Whether this is your first year of college or it is your fifth time returning, no one escapes the mad rush of buying supplies, clothes and decor days before summer ends.

The most universal feeling of all is finally unpacking your dorm or apartment and realizing all the little things that slipped your mind during that last-minute Target haul. Here is a list of college essentials to add to your Amazon cart, because it’s never too late to stock up on things other than Apple pencils and paper plates. 

Wax warmer 

A wax melter is the unsung hero of dorm living. Whether you live on or off campus, smells come and go, and these smells aren’t always pleasant.

Candles would seem like the best solution, but they are one of the leading causes of setting off fire alarms. Then, you have your wall plug-ins, which do work…for about two days. A wax warmer gives the long-lasting smell of a candle while also emitting no smoke. They’re also a good investment; once you buy the initial warmer, the wax cubes or melts are cheaper than full candles and can be used for longer.

On-the-go bag 

As lovely as it would be to pretend you’re so studious that you’ll never part with your bookbag, it’s simply not true.

Whether you like to work out, party on the weekends, or simply go on a walk with friends you are going to need an on-the-go bag. It is a small bag that fits only the essentials: wallet, keys and deodorant are good places to start. The bag can be filled with whatever you choose, but it does come in handy more often than you’d think. 


This is yet another dorm essential.

Not all small living spaces are living-friendly. Depending on the air conditioning and overall air flow, a tight apartment or dorm can get moist or dry in an instant. A dehumidifier is an excellent mode of mold prevention, while a humidifier is perfect for those dry winter days when no amount of Vaseline seems to save you. A bonus would be an essential oil diffuser. It may not be as vital, but the calming effect of a smooth lavender scent floating around your room might genuinely save the day during finals week. 

Party shoes 

No fear, introverts, this applies to you too.

Party shoes are just the common name for a pair of shoes you’re okay with dirtying. These are ideal for grimy party floors, but they’re also great for morning runs or rainy days with a full schedule of classes. It’s not too crazy to assume you should have an entire outfit you’re fine with ruining. College is unpredictable at times, and you don’t want to be best dressed at the 1 a.m. fire drill in a thunderstorm.

Storage, storage, storage

Finishing off strong, this particular item can’t be stressed enough.

Storage is a necessity. Most students know this coming into the semester, but they tend to think of storage as a one-stop, one-shop buy. Sadly, it isn’t quite that simple. Storage doesn’t stop at the extra bin for clothes or a snack cart next to your bed. Storage also means suitcases and bags for holiday breaks, a place to put your shoes, a place to store snacks, medicine and more. One blue Ikea bag just won’t cut it in the long run. 

It is never too late to buy those last-minute things you forgot to pack. Some are more essential than others, but every small thing you notice you will continue to notice for days, then months, then even years if you keep ignoring it long enough. Treat yourself to a few must-haves, and most importantly, buy a wax warmer.


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