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Tour guides lead a group of potential students and parents through a tour by Alden Library.

Students debate the best jobs on campus

For those looking for a job that works around a busy schedule and helps earn some extra cash, Ohio University has several student-friendly jobs with flexible hours and a fun environment. 

College is not cheap, and most students do not have pockets full of cash. Therefore, students often come to school looking for ways to support themselves. However, students are often reluctant to apply for jobs due to the time commitment. 

Job opportunities on OU's campus take into consideration class schedules and provide a community of new friends who share the same interests that make the work environment more fun. 

Here at OU, there is a wide range of student jobs, such as giving tours to undergraduate students or serving food for the culinary department.

"I am a tour guide for undergraduate admissions, I've been doing that since the spring semester of last year, and I'm also a learning community leader and I got hired last year," said Maggie Hicks, a sophomore studying forensic chemistry. "My favorite thing about both jobs is making connections with people." 

Hicks' enthusiasm for her job is evident. Being a tour guide allows her to be a role model and knowledgeable. She enjoys earning money and being a shoulder to lean on for new students who might need guidance and support. 

Students can also explore jobs that correlate with their major, allowing them to gain experience and prepare for life post-graduation. 

"I've been working up front at the Ping Center for about two years now," said Andy Jackoby, a junior studying communications. "I also work back here in the business office as well."

Jackoby wanted more hands-on experience because of the career goals he had set for the future. Job experience on campus allows students to gain important skills for those goals. 

"Just having relationships with people up here is fun, (and) meeting new people and just being in a position of leadership at my school," said Jackoby.

Audrey Eary, a sophomore studying journalism, described that she has been practicing "professional communication" within her culinary job at Boyd Market. Even if an on-campus job does not correlate with a student's major, it is evident that each provides a different set of skills for students to learn, preparing for future careers. 

Campus jobs allow students to gain experience and learn essential skills. While balancing work with classes may seem difficult, OU makes this easier by working with student's schedules and communicating with them. 

Especially for new students, finding a balance between homework, classes and a job can be difficult. However, all on-campus jobs require students to submit their class schedules to avoid conflicting schedules. 

"They are very courteous and know that you are a student first," said Hicks. "If I need a break or a shift taken, someone will always take it for me."

Jobs for beginners are relatively easy too; they often start at the basic level, creating room for growth. 

"There is room to advance, I applied to be a student leader and I got the job," Eary said. 

At OU, there are many jobs to choose from, such as a Scripps Ambassador at Schoonover Center, a Resident Advisor, or a barista at The Frontroom Coffeehouse. Whether the job correlates with a student's major or they need extra cash, it is important that Bobcats know they will create new workplace connections.

Although lines will be long, especially if a student works in culinary, and the work can be hard, friends will be made and great experiences will be had. 

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