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Here’s 5 helpful sorority recruitment tips

Every year, Ohio University dedicates one weekend to sorority recruitment, during which students can find the panhellenic association for them in the span of just a few days. While this time of the year may be overwhelming, and at times full of preconceived notions about sororities, there are many ways one can be prepared.

Here are five helpful sorority recruitment tips to use from Sept. 1 to Sept. 4:

Go in with an open mind

Although you may have heard rumors about the sorority recruitment process in the past, you need to let go of them once you show up at your first house of the day. By having preconceived notions, you will only limit yourself and fall into a negative state of mind. Instead, try to view each chapter on campus as an individual, and look for the ones you align with the most. Usually, there’s at least one house you will end up falling in love with by the end of recruitment.

Be yourself

As cliché as it sounds, if you’re not acting like yourself during recruitment, you will not find the chapter best fit for you. Being yourself is also way easier than putting on a front the whole weekend, and you will save yourself a lot of time and energy by doing so. Express your passions, values and interests during the recruitment process, as this will help chapters get to know you and see that you’re an invested and honest person.

Dress to impress

This weekend also centers heavily around fashion, as you will be asked to dress fancier after each day of recruitment. So, dress to impress. Wear your favorite dress, pair of heels or those jeans you really like, and don’t shy away from your personal style. Dress for comfort as well, as you’ll be talking, walking and sweating a lot during this weekend of chaos and fun.

Pack an emergency kit

The days of recruitment can be long and very tiring. That being said, it can be helpful to have a little makeup bag with items you might not carry around on a daily basis. Bring the basics like perfume, deodorant, blotting papers and lipgloss to freshen up between houses. In case of an emergency, you might need tampons, bandaids, a stain remover stick and even some Advil if you’re prone to headaches and/or cramps. Being prepared will keep your mind at ease so that you can focus on meeting new people and having a meaningful experience. 

Don’t believe everything you see and hear

"Rush-Tok" and many new trends surrounding sorority recruitment have surfaced in recent years on social media. While it may be helpful to look at a few pages and read up on some pointers, don’t let a chapter’s Instagram or TikTok influence your opinion of them too much. Focus more on the conversations you have with the members and whether you can picture yourself in the chapter. 

In addition to social media, you may hear rumors about different chapters. Don’t allow these to turn you away from a sorority; give each one a fair chance, and have good judgment for yourself based on the physical experience you have and not the rumor you heard on the street.



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