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SNAG delivery driver rides past on motorized scooter in Athens, Ohio, Sept. 20, 2023.

Is Snag the new DoorDash?

Snag branding has been spotted all over Ohio University’s campus at parties, on the street, on social media, on hats and on scooters delivering to students. 

Snag is a new delivery service that is equipped with alcohol, vapes, tobacco, school supplies, snacks and candy. It is best known for its fast delivery time and its affordability. 

“We are essentially like an on-demand convenience store,” Annie Lieb, content curator of Snag’s Athens branch, said. “We only charge 99 cent delivery and we pride ourselves on an average of 10-minute delivery time.”

Snag started in 2021 at the University of California, Santa Barbara, by two college students, and has since expanded to six different college campuses, Lieb said. 

The Snag app includes Bowling Green State University, Miami University, Colorado University Boulder, Ohio State University, UC Santa Barbara and now Ohio University. One of the founders is from Ohio so he knew Snag would do well here at OU.

“The goal is to kind of move everywhere and take over the college scene,” Lieb said.

Lieb said Snag prides itself on being eco-friendly. All deliveries, which are made using recyclable bags, are done on scooters in Athens, and Snag utilizes e-bikes at some of its other locations.

Students have spotted Snag at parties and bars throwing hats, giving free stickers and supplying Snag cups. 

“We do something called hat bombs where we’ll take like 100 hats to bars on Court Street and just hand them out,” Lieb said. “It’s kind of like a sea of Snag covering the street.”

The deliverers at Snag are OU students, which allows for a better connection and a more comfortable handoff.

“We only go around the campus and the way our social media works—the way we market our business—is a way that the college kid can really connect and feel a part of the company,” Will Byers, an undecided second-year student working for Snag, said.

Deliveries for items of alcohol, vapes and tobacco require workers to take a picture of the customer’s ID to ensure validity. 

“They look over the ID to make sure everything matches, take a photo of it and then it's in a database,” Lieb said. “We have someone that goes through and looks at every single one to make sure that the drivers are doing a good job checking and ensuring that whoever is ordering 21-plus is of age.”

When the workers do see fake identification, they cannot fulfill the order so they refund the student, and the product is taken back to the shelves.

Snag markets its business by allowing students to have fun with the workers. 

“We got to go to a Snow Cats event,” said Byers. “We all went on the roof of the shed and we got to throw hats to the crowd and we got to give out candy and water, everyone was super ecstatic about it.”

Snag is holding a contest for whichever house spends the most money on its app at OU from Sept. 25 to Oct 1. Gwyn Conibear, a senior studying social work, said she and her roommates joined the contest the day it started.

The contest is run on the Snag’s OU branch’s Instagram account. Winners will receive Snag merchandise for the entire house, an Xbox Series S, a 60-inch TV, a JBL speaker and a $200 bar tab. As of Sept. 26, Conibear said her house was in second place.

Snag hopes to become a staple at OU as they gain attention and orders.

“We hit our first 100-order day, which has been a goal since we opened,” said Lieb. “We’ve gotten quite a few videos of Ring cameras of our drivers dancing and interacting with the people that they are delivering to.”

Conibear said if you go on Doordash or anything else right now, the delivery fees are very high and for Snag she only paid a $1 delivery fee and they arrive in 10 minutes.

Seamus McNamara, a senior studying environmental science, said the workers at Snag enjoy their jobs and it doesn’t feel like he is at work.

“I’ve met a lot of great people, great friends from this experience so far,” McNamara said “Also riding around on scooters is fun.”

Byers said that when he is riding on the scooters delivering an order, people cheer him on by yelling Snag.


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