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5 best episodes of ‘Call Her Daddy’

“Call Her Daddy” took the world by storm with host Alex Cooper’s brutally honest advice being the star of each episode. From sex advice to friendships, and from relationships to the patriarchy, Cooper covers it all. Her fan base, The Daddy Gang, has become an army of millions who loyally listen to her once a week. 

Cooper was a D1 soccer player at Boston College, moving to New York City post-grad and eventually meeting future cohost Sofia Franklyn, who helped create “Call Her Daddy.” The friendship pair have since split, with a separation from Barstool Sports and a move to Spotify and a 60-million-dollar contract following, but Cooper has continued to host, rising to fame quickly. 

Earlier this year, Cooper launched the next of her career moves, The Unwell Network. The talent network was announced in August and signed famous TikToker Alix Earle, as well as popular British internet star, Madeline Argy. The pair are the first of many to come to the network. Alex Cooper has proved through her longevity of fame, that she is not only a punchy podcast host, but an ambitious entrepreneur who continues to stay on the map. 

The history of “Call Her Daddy” spans years, so if you want to dig in, start at the beginning with “1 - SEXT ME SO I KNOW IT’S REAL.”

So, let’s finally dig into what gave her the claim to fame on “Call Her Daddy.” 

‘Confronting a Controlling Boyfriend’

The brutal honesty in this episode is what earns its title at number one. It gets straight to the point of how and what to say to that controlling man in your life, with words of encouragement that uplift Cooper’s audience about what they deserve and the power they hold. It’s Alex Cooper at her core, blunt advice that doesn’t hold back.

‘3- The Gluck Gluck 9000’ 

One of Cooper’s most listened to, and often what people think of when they hear “Call Her Daddy.” It features maybe the most in-detail and over-the-top sex advice a podcast host has ever given and first-hand stories you won’t find anywhere else. 


Miley Cyrus and Alex Cooper’s conversations in this episode are simply unbeatable. The two dive into Cyrus’ life in the spotlight at an early age, her relationship history and shockingly detailed stories of her struggle with fame and substance abuse. Cyrus doesn’t hold back, and this episode is packed with content. It’s a must-listen, after all, it’s Miley Cyrus. 

Zayn: For the First Time in 6 Years’ 

The One Direction superstar Zayn Malik comes to “Call Her Daddy” with wit, charm and, you guessed it, stories that span six years. Cooper not only perfectly interviews Malik, who has chosen to stay out of the public eye, but makes him feel comfortable enough to open up, which gives Directioners exactly what they’re looking for. 

How Social Media Ruined My Life’ 

Part of what earns this episode a spot on the list is Cooper’s candid conversations with best friend Lauren McMullen. Both heavily influenced in an age of social media, the pair discuss the mental health decline that social media can bring and the dangers of it from a young age. Cooper, as an influencer, brings insight into how she is balancing a life in the public eye. It’s a good listen for college students and anyone glued to their phone, with Alex Cooper’s interview skills shining. 

Honorable Mentions

‘81 - Daddy Speaks’ and ‘82 - THE FUNERAL’   

If you’re looking to deep dive into the Barstool split and Sofia Franklyn’s leave from “Call Her Daddy” these episodes are for you. Dave Portnoy is featured in “Daddy Speaks” and he brings light to his side of the story. These episodes unpack every dirty detail of the drama of 2020. 

‘How Does Patriarchy Affect Me?’

An episode that deserves more attention. Practicing psychoanalyst Naomi Snyder joins Cooper for this episode to dive deep into what the patriarchy is and how it is seen in everyday life. It’s a great episode, and it shows how far Cooper has come as a podcaster in that she can discuss more than just sex. 


This 2020 episode features none other than the Internet sensation herself, Tana Mongeau. Alex Cooper and Tana Mongeau are a pair made in heaven (or maybe hell) and complement each other so well in these episodes. Plus, there’s a reason Mongeau got famous for her storytimes, and the ones in this episode are to die for.

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