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Underrated Artists: Benito Skinner, Mary Beth Barone are changing comedy

As the array of podcasts continues to get larger and larger on all streaming platforms, there’s one that is a must-listen if you’re a fan of comedy, friendship and pop culture. The podcast in question: “Ride” with Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone.

However, before jumping into their podcast, the two comedians have had an interesting rise to fame, especially with both being active on social media since the mid-2010s. First, let’s start off with Skinner.

Benito Skinner grew to fame through his YouTube channel, going by the name bennydrama7, back in 2017. He started off making vlogs but then expanded to celebrity impersonations. A few years later, the comedian went viral for his impressions of The Kardashians, garnering him attention from the sisters, as well as all around the world.

Meanwhile, Barone began getting noticed around the same time, landing comedy sets all around the United States for her witty commentary on serious issues such as gender roles, feminism and queerness. Eventually, she performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” as well as for Comedy Central.

Barone came into play in Skinner’s budding career when the two met after performing within the same comedy set right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their chemistry was instant, allowing them to spark a friendship that would eventually lead to their first podcasting deal.

Their first podcast called “Obsessed,” ran on Spotify for almost two years until it ended in early 2022. Their weekly episodes consisted of what they were “obsessed” with for the week, both trying to convince one another of why they should also be obsessed with the topic or object they brought up. It was refreshing to hear the two talk about things ranging from their love for their significant others to peeing with the door open.

While fans of the podcast were sad to see the end of “Obsessed,” the duo announced in March that they would be returning for a new spinoff of their original episodes through Dear Media. Thus, “Ride” was created, and since then, the podcast has been getting rave reviews.

Similar to their previous project, “Ride” is a more raw and honest version of “Obsessed,” allowing fans to hear Skinner and Barone at their most authentic. At times, I have found myself laughing out loud to this podcast or tearing up from the warmth they share between themselves and their following.

What makes the podcast so good, as well as what makes it underrated, is the fact that Skinner and Barone are educating their fans on serious topics while making it fun at the same time. Instead of berating people for their differing viewpoints, they try to understand where they’re coming from, taking careful consideration with their answers. 

Also, coming from two queer individuals, the podcast is one that gives the duo a platform to share their experiences with their identities, while also allowing fans who don’t identify as such to learn and grow from their conversations.

Besides their caution and concern, they also both know how to crack a joke, and you begin to learn their inside jokes and lingo after a few episodes. Fans also begin to understand the people they reference in their lives, such as Skinner and Barone’s boyfriends. Overall, it feels like they’re in the room with you, which is rare to find in a podcast.

All in all, Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone are underrated because of their adoring affection for each other, acceptance of others, and iconic sense of humor, making their endeavors enjoyable and worth the listen. Now, they’re even touring throughout the country to promote “Ride,” proving that the podcast is resonating with people everywhere.


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