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2023 HallOUween costume guide

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s important to find the perfect costume. Whether you’re going out or spending time with your friends, picking a costume can be a little stressful. For Ohio University students, you may even need two or more costumes. 

From group outfits to solo ideas, this guide has it all. Many of these costumes won’t break the bank and items can be reused in the future. Here are some of the best costumes this season that you can easily replicate. 


The hit movie is inevitably going to be a popular costume this Halloween. The good news is, with the vast array of Barbie dolls on the shelves, the options for costumes are endless. Whether you’re more of a sporty Barbie or a beach Barbie, there is undoubtedly a costume for you. You can also easily turn it into a group costume with each of your friends being a different Barbie. 

First, you have to decide which Barbie you’re going to be. You can replicate one of the Barbies depicted in the movie, or create your own Barbie look with a pink outfit. If you’re choosing to recreate a Barbie from the movie, Amazon is the best place to find a costume. Ranging from western Barbie to the classic Margot Robbie skating outfit, there are some decent options. 

Wizard of Oz

A great idea for a group costume is the Wizard of Oz characters. This costume is perfect because there is so much versatility in the characters' outfits. From Glinda in all pink to the Tinman covered in silver, the variety of characters allows for so much creativity. You can easily use this as a solo costume, by dressing up as your favorite character. This can also be a couple's costume with two of the characters. You and your friends can even make it a group costume and dress up as the whole cast.

Costumes range depending on who you are choosing to replicate. If you are Dorothy, grab a blue dress and some red shoes to make a simple look. If you are the scarecrow, wear plaid and a straw hat. Pick which character you want to be and have fun creating the look. 

Princess Diaries 

A twist on the classic princess costume is the iconic Princess Mia from “The Princess Diaries.” Mia’s outfit is relatively simple. The easiest way to recreate her look is to dress up like the movie poster from the original movie. For starters, you’ll need a white dress. Mia is wearing a strapless one in the poster but any white dress will work perfectly. You can even switch it up and wear a white top and pants. Next, you’ll need some small black sunglasses and black wire headphones.White gloves and a crown complete the costume and then you’re Princess Mia. 

The beauty of this is that you can make it with items you already own. It’s creative and easy to do. 

Men in Black

This is a perfect costume for a last-minute idea. Taking inspiration from the hit movie, you can find items in your closet to put together the perfect alien-fighting ensemble. The center of this costume is the black blazer. Pair your blazer with a white top—you can do a button-down like in the movie or just a simple white shirt. 

Once you have the blazer and top, the bottoms are up to you. You can choose a black leather skirt to edge it up or tailored black pants. If you want to look the part, get some black sunglasses and a black tie. All of the items needed for this costume can be found in your closet or borrowed from a roommate. 

Couples costume: Hailey and Justin Bieber

These two took the internet by storm when making their appearance at Hailey’s Rhode event. The pair showed up in opposite outfits which not only makes for great pop culture news but a great costume. For Justin, you’ll need a gray sweatsuit. You can either wear shorts like he did or pants to keep warm. If you want to replicate his iconic, relaxed look you’ll need yellow Crocs and a pink snapback. This look is perfect for a last-minute idea and is super comfortable. 

For Hailey’s glam look, the costume is red from head to toe. She is wearing a red strapless dress, red heels and a red clutch. While replicating the look exactly can be fun, you can also mix it up and wear a red pantsuit. If you’re feeling crazy you can even get a silver B necklace like the one Hailey is rocking, or match her strawberry earrings.  This costume is unique, creative and sure to get as much attention as the Biebers did. 

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