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How often do Bobcats think about the Roman Empire?

A new social media trend has sparked unexpected discourse over the Roman Empire. The trend is essentially women asking the men in their lives how often they think about the once-powerful civilization. 

The Roman Empire seems like an odd piece of history to fixate on; however, the impact of the powerhouse of an empire was truly something to remember. According to the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Roman Empire began its reign in 625 B.C. and was followed by three distinct periods of economic growth and prosperity. Julius Caesar came to power in 60 B.C. to continue the empire’s growth beyond the Mediterranean region. The land controlled by Rome became so vast it had been split into two portions, with each ruled by its own emperor. After many years of peace and expansion, Gothic invasions and Vandals led to its eventual downfall in 476 A.D.

The trend originated with Artur Hulu, a Roman reenactor who goes by “Gaius Flavius” on social media. He posted to Instagram, “Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire. Ask your husband/boyfriend/father/brother in – you will be surprised by their answers.”

This post sparked a worldwide debate across various social media platforms about the validity of the argument, which prompted many women to ask the men in their lives, and in turn, post their responses on social media. 

Many Bobcats shared similar stances on the Roman Empire and described how often the Romans and Julius Caesar encroaches into their everyday thoughts.

Grant Treacher, a freshman studying international business and marketing, said he somewhat thinks about the Romans. 

“I would have to say maybe three times a week,” Treacher said. “It’s an essential part of history in general, and it just stays in the back of my mind.”

Similarly, Cameron Hess, a sophomore studying acting, discussed his ongoing obsession with the Roman Empire.

“On a weekly basis, I think about two to three times,“ Hess said. "I think about where we are today because of them. They have some pretty damn cool outfits I guess. I have a Spartan helmet in my room ... I wear it sometimes and pretend I’m in the Roman Empire.”

While some Bobcats are completely fascinated by the Roman Empire, others haven’t given it a second thought since high school history class. Many students chimed in with their personal versions of the Roman Empire, especially if they didn’t quite relate to the Romans.

Some social media users have claimed the Salem Witch Trials or the Titanic as their personal versions of the Roman Empire, while others obsess over pop culture, like Taylor Swift or their favorite TV show. 

However, Mia Howard-Stevens, a junior studying early childhood education, had a version that hit close to home.

“My version of the Roman Empire is Rufus and Pumpkin if they could collaborate,” Howard-Stevens said. “I think about them every day, they’re deep in my heart, you know, OU pride.”

While some students gave their personal versions of the Roman Empire, others discussed why men were thinking about the Roman Empire in the first place.

Mae Thomas, a sophomore studying English shared her thoughts on the trend.

“I have been thinking about it recently in the context of men with the Roman Empire, and I found that to be really interesting,” Thomas said. “The Roman Empire has a lot of action and battles, and that’s something they are typically interested in. They feel like it represents masculinity in a way. They think that is the epitome of manhood, and that’s what they strive to be like.”

Despite the motives or reasoning for the obsession, one thing is clear: Bobcats appear just as fascinated by the Roman Empire as the users on social media are. 


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