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Following an absence of the traditional Halloween celebration spanning Court Street and Union Street in Athens, the city grappling the COVID-19 pandemic made the executive decision to cancel the annual block party again. Ohio University students and the people of Athens bring the party to their own homes while still flaunting their costumes for all to see.

HallOUweekend costumes to try this fall

It’s finally time for every Bobcat’s favorite weekend, HallOUweekend. One of the major traditions going back all of the way to the 18th century is dressing up for this haunted holiday. Many students have known what they would dress up as for weeks, if not months, in anticipation of this long-awaited weekend. From pop culture sensations like Barbie to classic standbys such as angels and devils. 

What can we expect to see our Bobbies dressed up as this year? 

Partner costumes 

One iconic duo that will be seen out and about is the Statue of Liberty and a tourist. This costume is a perfect mix of cute and funny and can be paired with a romantic partner or a best friend. One of the most creative duo costumes this weekend might be inspired by “Dumb and Dumber;” if two best friends take up this costume challenge, it will be a recognizable and iconic costume. 

Another pair you are guaranteed to see this weekend is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the famous singer-songwriter and football player duo that has become a major topic of conversation. This pair is perfect for couples and especially Swiftie-obsessed ones. 

Group costumes 

What better way to celebrate Halloween than as a group? One popular group costume we will see this year is a group of Disney princesses. From Rapunzel to Belle, these princesses will be walking Court Street this weekend. Like Disney princesses, superhuman groups will be ‘saving’ campus this year. Whether it be Spiderman, Superman or Batman, these comic superheroes will rescue us all this Halloween. 

Another popular group costume is from the classic movie “Alice in Wonderland.” Many groups are going as characters from the movie. Alice, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit are just a few options. Expect to see quite a few groups of angels and devils as well, another alluring costume that has been around for many years and will continue to live on during Halloween weekend. 

Individual costumes 

Some of the most popular individual costumes come from popular TV shows and movies, one of the most popular costumes being Barbie. With all of the different renditions of Barbie, there are endless opportunities.

Stereotypical Barbie, Weird Barbie, Cowgirl Barbie–all these costumes are going to be a must-see this weekend. Another popular costume this year will be Elle Woods.

Opposite from the sunny and pink Elle Woods and Barbie is dark and gloomy Wednesday Addams. After the popularity of the Netflix show, “Wednesday,” it is no surprise that many students are dressing up as this sensation. 

No matter what costume you plan to wear, or whether you are planning to dress up to go out or watch a movie with friends, plan to stay safe and have fun this spooky HallOUweekend!  


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