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What your favorite ‘How I Met Your Mother’ character says about you

In 2005, the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” aired on CBS. The show took the television world by storm, with fresh dialogue and hilarious plotlines. If the show's title didn’t clue you in, “How I Met Your Mother” centers around the main character Ted Mosby’s story of how he met the mother of his kids. It takes place in 2030, as Mosby tells his kids stories of the past with his best friends. 

“How I Met Your Mother” revolves around the tribulations of life, love and friendship in your 20s, making it a timeless classic. Now available to stream on Hulu with a new generation of watchers, here’s what your favorite character says about you. 

Ted Mosby

In true Ted Mosby fashion, you are a hopeless romantic. You are incredibly focused on what your future looks like, and having a five-year plan is likely something on your mind. Like Ted, you are hardworking and determined in your career. While you may be a bit of a daydreamer, you think with your heart which allows for you to have deep and meaningful relationships. 

Marshall Eriksen 

If your favorite character is Marshall, you are likely the glue of your friend group. You have a good head on your shoulders. Academically smart and emotionally intuitive, you are well-rounded. You thrive being around your friends. While you are a people person, you may be too trusting and often sell yourself short of what you can accomplish. 

Lily Aldrin

Lily is bright and fun, much like you. You make everyone feel included and love helping other people. You’re attentive and are always in the know. Like Lily, you most likely have big dreams paired with a career you love. While you are put together and focused, you may make rash decisions about your future in an attempt to accomplish all of your hopes and dreams. 

Robin Scherbatsky 

If your favorite character is Robin, you are an independent go-getter. You work hard to accomplish your goals and know how to make yourself happy. You most likely have a bundle of stories from your past, even if you weren’t a Canadian pop star. While you are focused and driven, you keep your problems to yourself and often prefer to be independent. But with people you love and trust your guard comes down. 

Barney Stinson 

Like Barney, you are the life of the party. You make every day more fun and include your friends in every adventure you take. Self-care is important to you, as well as dressing well for every occasion, whether you’re suiting up or not. You are incredibly extroverted, but like Robin, prefer to be independent. Being comfortable on your own can at times stop you from finding companionship, but your fun-loving spirit makes it hard to stay away.

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