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The Lo-Down: Buffaloes, Bikers and Bagel Street Deli

Welcome to “The Lo-Down” where I, Logan Adams, will be going on semi-frequent rants about pretty much anything that crosses my mind, potentially multiple things at the same time. Today, that pertains to what has quickly become one of the most loveable teams in sports, my least favorite two-wheeled vehicles and their drivers along with my – and let’s be honest, everyone’s – favorite food spot on campus.

This is less opinion and more appreciation, but if you’re a college football fan and you haven’t tuned in to watch Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes, you’re doing yourself a disservice, especially with upcoming games against UCLA, Oregon State, Washington State and Utah.

The last two Saturdays have marked a shift in perception of the Buffaloes, with losses against Oregon and USC, narrowly avoiding a shutout with a final score of 42-6 against the former. The media attention this team has gotten has caused people to forget where this team has come from since its 1-11 season last year.

This is a team that wins you over with charm and personality with NFL Hall of Fame cornerback and current head coach Deion Sanders at the head of the snake. From every video that has come out of Colorado, whether it be the practice field, the film room or the locker room, Sanders is winning you over. He’s building a culture on the base of what was arguably the worst Power 5 team in the country, and it’s been a joy to watch.

There isn’t enough room in this column for me to put all my feelings about bikers at Ohio University, so I’ll keep it short: I don’t like (most of) you.

It’s not hard to remember a day when I was walking the many campus sidewalks to class and an unwelcome commuter on a two-wheeled, wire-framed contraption came speeding past within inches of me without saying a word.

Typical etiquette for bikers is to at least call out the side you’re coming at with a simple “on your left/right!” but that seems to be too much for many of the bikers in Athens. Instead, the usual routine involves minding your own business on the sidewalk, followed by a split-second fight-or-flight response, followed by anger after realizing it was yet another biker using you and your fellow walkers as if you were traffic cones on a path they aren’t even supposed to be on.

This doesn’t apply to all bikers on campus, the ones who stick to the bike lanes on the roads or the bike path deserve their appreciation, but the majority make it hard to notice and appreciate the minority.

In a complete heel turn to what the last section of this column discussed, now it’s time to talk about what might be my favorite part about living in Athens: quick and easy access to Bagel Street Deli on Court Street.

With dozens of bagels to choose from, there is something for everyone at BSD. Want a lot of protein on your bagel sandwiches? Grab a Mr. Meat. More on the vegetarian side of the spectrum? The Pick of the Planet is made for you. Even if you want something sweet and savory, you’ll love the Bobo on a pretzel bun.

On top of the unprecedented bagel versatility on the menu, the vibes and friendliness that BSD exudes are off the charts. The chalk drawings and names that cover the wall, the tin foil creations jammed between the bricks and the music all make it feel very cozy.

At the very least, I hope this gave some insight into what I believe are the best and worst parts of life on campus, or maybe just backed up your already strong opinions. At the most, though, I hope I’ve encouraged you to tune into a Colorado Buffaloes game if you haven’t already.

Logan Adams is a sophomore studying journalism. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk more about it? Let Logan know by tweeting him @LoganA_NBA.

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