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What horror icon you are based on your major

Through novels and films, horror has steadily evolved and produced some of pop culture’s biggest icons. From every iteration of Ghostface and Michael Myers to Elvira and The Countess, horror has featured an array of iconic characters in its villainous roles. But how does one’s college major pair with horror’s juggernauts?

Let’s take a look at five horror icons that may match your college major.

Freddy Krueger - Psychology

The overly eccentric and witty Freddy Kreuger made his first appearance in Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984). The character has appeared in numerous sequels, reboots and crossovers, continuing to terrorize and murder teenagers in their sleep in the dream world.

If Freddy were to ever attend college, it would not be surprising to see him enrolled in the psychology curriculum. Psychology is the study of the functions within the human mind, and Freddy’s iconic dream traversal abilities pair well with the major’s focus. Freddy can change anything in his dreams to fit his desired outcome and is shown to pry on the fears and weaknesses of all his victims in clever ways. Psychology seems to be the perfect match.

Pearl - Theater

An overly dramatic young woman who is destined to be a movie star seems like the best fit for the theater major. First appearing in Ti West’s “X” (2022) and later “Pearl” (2022), Pearl is the quintessential over-exaggeration of an acting or performance major. Her idealizing of the future, murderous nature and steady iteration of her iconic “I’m a star” mantra set her apart from the other theater majors. Yet, her passion for acting and dance make the perfect blend for the on-stage and off-stage career path.

Chucky - Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

The “Child’s Play” series features the murderous doll Chucky who is possessed by an infamous serial killer. The series was made by openly gay filmmaker Don Mancini and features a variety of queer elements throughout its premise. The current television series in the franchise, “Chucky,” features queer leading characters. The series also regularly explores elements of gender with soul possession and Chucky’s genderfluid child Glen/Glenda.

An exploration of these elements makes the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies major the right choice for horror’s openly supportive antagonist. Chucky is canonically accepting and open to new ideas, and this major encompasses it.

Count Dracula - History

Count Dracula is an early horror character originating from the 1897 novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. The infamous vampire has become the archetypal figure for modern interpretations of the blood-thirsty, garlic-fearing creatures and has had numerous adaptations throughout history. Dracula’s continued presence in fiction may make him extremely knowledgeable of every historical setting he finds himself in. The character has found himself in 15th-century Romania and even the 21st century across different retellings, making him the perfect future historian.

Jason Voorhees - Nutrition Science & Kinesiology

Nutrition Science studies the relationship between food intake and health while kinesiology is the study of body movement mechanics. The double major offers the right fit for the iconic villain of the "Friday the 13th" movies. Jason Voorhees is shown to have superhuman strength, practically invulnerable skin and abilities in hypnotization and teleportation. 

Jason’s possibilities in power create a model blend between Kinesiology and Nutrition Science. His body is capable of enduring brutal hits and can survive without the need for oxygen. Both majors delve into the potential possibilities of Jason’s powers, and he would surely benefit from exploring more about his own body.

If you found your major next to one of these killers, don’t worry, these are just theoretical matches for each college major.

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