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What your favorite spooky TV show says about you

It’s officially October, which means that spooky season has finally arrived. This season is a great time to watch all of your favorite scary media and lavish in their spine-chilling aesthetics. For this event, here are nine beloved TV shows with horror elements, and what your favorite of the few says about you!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003)

You’re a bit of the nostalgic type, especially for the early days of your childhood. “Buffy” showcases all of the late ‘90s/early 2000s aesthetics that you crave extremely well, with its fashion, soundtrack, lingo and overall grunge vibe. It’s a reminder of the simpler times, which you yearn for. Even so, it might be a little cringey to look back on and point out all of the outdated parts of this show, but you don’t care in the slightest. It makes you feel safe and comforted, which is probably how you feel about a lot of media from your childhood, even if they can be quite questionable. Nevertheless, you yearn for the simpler times in your life and tend to overly romanticize them, but that’s okay! You’re growing, but don’t let the past hold you back from doing so.

Supernatural” (2005-2020)

If “Supernatural” is your favorite spooky show, you’re either stuck in your middle school Tumblr phase or addicted to how off-the-wall this show can be. There is also something to be said about which character you’re emotionally attached to, but that’s an article for another day. As mentioned previously, you’re an addictive person, which is why you probably continued to watch this 15-year-long show even if “it stopped being good after its fifth season.” The addictive part is probably why you’re still stuck in that feeling of scrolling on Tumblr and surreptitiously finding all the old Superwholock fan pages you visited frequently in your youth. No judgment, though. You’re simply a dedicated individual with an attachment to the things you love.

What We Do in the Shadows” (2019-present)

You’re a goofy person, and you tend to not take things too seriously. Much like the events of the show, you’re not afraid to get a little silly every now and then. It’s what people are drawn to when they first meet you. You are also drawn to things that give you a sense of comfort, which is what this show gives you. The “found family” trope in this show is probably what gives you the most comfort or maybe it's the comedic aspects that make you forget the actual horrors in real life. Either way, it’s relaxing, and relaxation is something you crave. 

American Horror Story” (2011-present)

There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to being a fan of this series, but that’s what people like about you! You think outside of the box, and you are a deeply passionate person, especially when it comes to your love for this show. Again, there is probably an article to be had to go in-depth as to what your favorite season of this show says about you, but that’s for another time. Nevertheless, you tend to get deeply obsessive over the things you love, and you are not afraid to voice your opinion about it. You’re also not afraid to fight people over these opinions, which may be a flaw of yours, but don’t let it be! It just shows that you care, and we love that about you.

Stranger Things” (2016-2025)

Whether you’re an intense follower or casual watcher of this series, you like playing with the idea that life isn’t all what it seems. You like a good mystery, and you have an intense drive to solve it. However, you appreciate the journey it takes to unlock it. You have an intense love for your friends and family, and you cherish the bonds you have with them. It can be pretty blinding sometimes, especially since you’re a bit of a people pleaser, but they give you the strength to continue your journey towards being your best self. Never lose sight of that.

The Walking Dead” (2010-2022)

There’s something slightly off-putting about you, but you’re also the coolest person in the room at all times. You may be somewhat of an introvert, but once you get comfortable, you become the life of the party. It can be exhausting after a while, but the memories you create with the people around you will keep you chugging along until the end. You’re also extremely determined and always willing to help a friend out. Overall, you’re a soft teddy bear, even if your hard exterior keeps people from seeing that. 

Gravity Falls” (2012-2016)

If “Gravity Falls” is your favorite spooky show, do you need a hug? You’re either one of the sappiest human beings ever or you radiate so much comfort that others long for your company. Either way, you’re probably one of my favorite human beings on Earth, and I love you dearly. You may not believe it, but it’s true! Anyways, you relish in the solace this show brings you, and you’re not afraid to admit it. You’re a deeply loving person, and you care a lot about the world around you. All-in-all, keep being you because you are amazing.

Scream Queens” (2015-2016)

You’re a drama queen, through and through. There is not one fearful bone in your body, and you’re not afraid to get down and dirty. We all need friends like you in our lives – someone who will stick up for you and is always at your side. You also have an acute sense of fashion that looks camp right in the eyes. You’re playful and silly, but you’re also not afraid to get deeply serious, especially when it comes to the things you love. Your love can be a bit obsessive at times, but don’t let that keep you from loving hard and completely.

The Vampire Diaries” (2009-2017)

Finally, you’re a bit of a romantic if your favorite spooky TV show is “The Vampire Diaries.” You fall in love hard and fast, and you probably know this fact very well. However, there’s nothing to be upset about that fact! You’re a caring, loving person, and you want others to feel that they are loved. You tend to get emotional very easily, yet you try to keep a level head for the people around you. However, your brave face immediately falls away once the tears start falling. It’s okay, let it all out, bestie, no judgment! 


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