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Artist Spotlight: Lisha tries to find her way in new album

Lisha is an independent Danish singer, songwriter and producer. She combines alternative, R&B and trip-hop musical genres to create her unique sound. Her album “Devotion” was released Nov. 16 and includes the single “Breath by breath.” 

The young artist described the album in a press release as “a chaos of sounds, noise and dissonance trying to knock you off your feet.” All of the songs on the album were written on the piano before being transformed into differing sounds and beats after spending some time in the studio. Lisha combines these sounds with lyrics about life and love.

“The lyrics on ‘devotion’ are primarily about love; inaccessible, naive, frustrated and lost love- about letting go of it and learning to surrender yourself to its safety and care,” Lisha said in a press release.

“Breath by breath,” the lead single, explores the emotional turmoil of being a young woman. With lyrics such as, “Last night I wept in a way I haven’t wept before” and “What a mood that I’m in / I’ll just go back into bed and fall asleep again,” Lisha illustrates troubling mood swings and exhausting breakdowns, something familiar to a lot of young women.

In the span of the song’s three minutes, Lisha can perfectly encapsulate a hopelessly depressing feeling and moment, providing listeners with a perfect song for those days when things are just not going the right way. 

“Breath by breath” shows that having breakdowns and moments of insecurity and sadness is not some obscure occurrence that only a fraction of the world experiences. Lisha’s words and sounds turn a dark situation into something beautiful, something that is necessary for life to grow and flourish. 

“As uncompromising and boundless, I try to be in the making of my music, I’m also driven by the anxious emotions in the unpredictability of life,” Lisha said in a press release.

Lisha dives deep into life’s never-ending struggle of finding oneself and staying true to oneself throughout the album’s 10 tracks. The heartfelt lyrics combined with the differing tunes and sounds make the happy songs seem sad and the sad songs seem happy, making Lisha’s music unique from everything else out there. 

Throughout the album, Lisha takes listeners on a journey through life, a journey they too may be on, and shows some of life’s hardest struggles in a way that brings them to light and makes them seem less dark. 

The theme of finding oneself and navigating through life’s hardships and curveballs reoccurs throughout the whole album, painting a picture of what being a young woman is like in this world. 

With a debut album like “Devotion,” Lisha proves she is an artist to watch. Her meaningful lyrics and distinctive sound set her apart from the rest of the music scene, and she is bound to become an even stronger artist as time progresses. 

Listeners are sure to find a lyric they can relate to, making Lisha an artist people can connect to. “Devotion” and the single “Breath by breath” set the stage for the Danish artist to bring in listeners, especially young women, and allow her a platform to release her innermost emotions. 

Lisha’s music is available for streaming and downloading on Spotify and can be found on Instagram

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