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Faye Webster is Atlanta’s indie and bluegrass princess

With a calm, soothing voice, Atlanta native Faye Webster has been impressing audiences since late 2013 with her music. Her music is no stranger to social media platforms such as TikTok, where snippets of her songs have gone viral multiple times. The song “I Know You” recently went viral for its moving lyrics. Many of Webster’s songs consist of soft pop instrumentals and light and slightly airy vocals. 

At the age of 15, Webster released her first album “Run and Tell” in 2013 with songs “Run and Tell,” “Sadness in the Air” and “Lonestar.” In “Run and Tell”, Webster explores many acoustic sounds along with folk elements that would later shape the rest of her music. 

After her debut in 2013, Webster released the self-titled album “Faye Webster” in 2017. This magnificent album is once again an acoustic-filled album with some variations of bluegrass in some songs. Faye’s viral hit “I Know You” comes from this album. 

The lyrics, “I’ll quiet down if that’s what you want, I understand I’m not the only one, for you” gained a lot of attention on TikTok for its meaning and for her soft vocals. The guitar used throughout this album resembles the guitar used in country/bluegrass songs, giving it an intimate Southern feel. In “Alone Again,” the melodies come together to create a beautiful Southern ballad feel. 

In 2019, Webster dropped “Atlanta Millionaires Club,” which changed the trajectory of her career forever. Another hit, “Kingston,” appears on this album, which would also go viral on various media platforms. 

In “Kingston” especially, Webster delves into a more modern indie sound but overall doesn’t stray from that traditional bluegrass sound. This album is a perfect combination of indie music with a hint of country elements making it very versatile. The contrast between other viral hits, “Right Side of My Neck” and “Room Temperature” convey this versatility very well and are both worth listening to.  

“Atlanta Millionaires Club” intrigued the public, but “I Know I’m Funny haha” gained Webster the most recognition as an album. The 2021 release put Webster on the map as someone everybody needs on their playlists. In “I Know I’m Funny haha,” Webster expands on that indie sound even more and strays from that bluesy and swing sound.

In the mellow song, “In A Good Way,” Webster completely embodies the acoustic-pop girl image with the sound and lyrics of this tune. On the other hand, “Cheers” provides a stronger melody and instrumental contrasting most of her songs. In an interview with American Songwriter, she describes it as “an outlier on the record” and a song that makes her “feel bada** for once.” With this album came lots of recognition and new interviews and TikToks to be made to her songs. 

More recently, in 2022, Webster released an EP called “Car Therapy Sessions,” where she reimagines some songs from “Atlanta Millionaires Club” and “I Know I’m Funny haha” such as “Suite: Jonny,” “Cheers (To You & Me,)” “Sometimes (Overanalyze)” and “Kind Of (Type of Way).” 

It also includes her fluttery and melodious song, “Car Therapy.” In “Car Therapy Sessions,” she redesigns the original songs into pieces with heavy-orchestral sounds. This album marks a complete deviation from any kind of bluegrass or indie sound and shifts into a classical sound. 

The concept of recreating songs and incorporating them into a different genre is very creative and is definitely well-executed by her. The sound of this album is one that expresses what youthful love sounds like. Faye Webster has definitely outdone herself with this mini album. For this being her first time dipping into the classical genre, you wouldn’t be able to tell how well she executes it.

In the summer of 2023, Webster released two singles, “Lifetime” and “But Not Kiss.” The two singles heavily contrast each other in sound and lyrics but are two very good singles worth listening to.

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