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What your favorite ‘Gilmore Girls’ character says about you

As Athens had its first snow flurries of the season, it’s the perfect time for an annual “Gilmore Girls” rewatch. Here’s what your favorite “Gilmore Girls” character says about you.

Rory Gilmore

You may relate to Rory’s penchant for reading and academic achievement, but you overworked yourself in high school and burned out. Still, you have managed to have extremely loyal friends and family in your life, even though your romantic relationships may be slightly less reliable. You love all food, including pancakes, burgers and Red Vines. Nothing is off-limits. 

Lorelai Gilmore

You are independent, self-reliant and resilient, and you take whatever life throws at you and make it work. You are a problem solver whose smooth talking gets you out of any predicament you’re in. You have an endless supply of pop culture references, and your magnetic personality attracts people to you because your bright presence lights up every room. You also really love coffee.

Emily Gilmore

You may be pushy, hard to please, opinionated and sometimes even cruel, but your high standards make you sophisticated and respected among your peers. You value tradition and how you present yourself in society, but you can be vulnerable and just want to be appreciated and loved by your family.

Richard Gilmore

People may think you are old-fashioned, but your stoic demeanor and hard-working nature allow you to provide for your family, especially with your excellent business ventures. You don’t always show your emotions, but everything you do is to support your loved ones.

Luke Danes

You may come off as cynical or grumpy, but at heart, you are actually a softie who is tremendously loyal and will do anything for the people you care about. You are always the first to drop whatever you are doing to help a friend in need, no matter the circumstances. 

Sookie St. James

You are a perfectionist, putting your all into everything you do. You’re sweet, quirky and bubbly, and you are the first person your friends go to for advice. You are also a bit clumsy, yet people overlook your mishaps because of your big heart.

Lane Kim

You are a music buff who has an encyclopedic knowledge of music history and pop culture. You may relate to Lane’s upbringing, and struggle to respect your parents’ strict expectations, while also wanting to pursue your dreams that they don’t approve of.

Paris Geller 

Academic achievement ranks above anything else, but your high-strung nature comes off as intense and competitive. You put on a tough exterior to mask your insecurity, but your true friends know you're not as intimidating as you seem.

Kirk Gleason

A jack-of-all-trades, you are very involved in your community and passionate about all of the projects you take on. While you may seem a bit eccentric and even a little odd, you are lovable and a memorable presence in your community.

Michel Gerard

You are organized and direct, and though you may come off as mean or unpleasant to strangers, you unknowingly use sarcasm and insults to keep others at arm's length. Your fastidious nature makes you a natural-born leader, and everything runs smoothly when you’re involved.

Jess Mariano

Even though you came from a tough upbringing, you overcame everything working against you and proved everyone wrong. You are both book-smart and street-smart, and your savvy gives you an advantage.

Logan Huntzberger

Growing up with privilege, you think you can get away with anything. You present yourself as a party animal who often makes reckless decisions, but in your heart, you're a deeply emotional person who never knows how to truly express it.

Dean Forester

If your favorite is Dean, you probably only watched the first couple of seasons. You might think you’re rooting for the good guy, but you are mistaken. You should probably rewatch “Gilmore Girls” in its entirety and reconsider this opinion. 


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