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Iconic movies celebrating 10 years

There were numerous iconic pop culture moments in 2013. From the word "selfie" being added to the dictionary to the unforgettable "What Does the Fox Say?" music video, 2013 introduced the world to major phenomena that would leave a lasting impact. Perhaps one of the most influential occurrences in 2013 was the everlasting list of popular movies released that year. 

After 10 years, many of these movies are just as, if not more, famous than they were when they were first introduced to the world. The sheer number of successful films released during that year rivaled years prior. Here are some of the most iconic movies to come out of the year 2013:


Before the premiere of "Frozen," Disney had never encountered a movie phenomenon as significant. "Frozen" follows the story of sisters Anna and Elsa as their town of Arendelle battles with the discovery of Elsa's ice powers, which turn the summer season into winter. 

The movie grossed $1.28 billion and is the second highest-grossing animated movie of all time, beaten by the movie's sequel "Frozen 2." The film also received a whopping Rotten Tomatoes score of 90%. 

The movie's success grew even more with the release of dolls, costumes and other merchandise. The world was taken by storm with the release of the film's soundtrack, containing songs such as "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Its success surpassed any other Disney Princess movie so much that the Disney Princess brand had to create a separate brand for the "Frozen" characters. 

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" was the second movie released in "The Hunger Games" trilogy. It is the highest-grossing of the trilogy, bringing in $865 million, and highest rated, receiving 90% on Rotten Tomatoes

The movie follows Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson, as they are reaped once again for the 75th Hunger Games. Their unprecedented win in the 74th games makes them targets of the Capitol.

The movie's popularity had a large impact; eight years after the trilogy's conclusion, its prequel, "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes," was released Nov. 17. The movie series still has a loyal fan base, and its popularity continues to grow with the rise of the successful new movie.

"The Conjuring"

"The Conjuring" was the first movie released in a larger series following the many haunting adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Based on a true story, "The Conjuring" follows the Perron family as they adjust to their new home in Burrville, Rhode Island. Soon, they learn they are not alone and are terrorized by a dark presence. 

The film grossed $320 million. Following its successful release, eight more films joined "The Conjuring" universe. However, "The Conjuring" remains the highest rated with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%.

"The Great Gatsby"

Many students were required to read the book in high school and the movie adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" is a great way to revisit the classic story during its 10th anniversary. The movie featured stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway. 

The story follows Nick Carraway and his interest in his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, who is curious about the Jazz Age. The film made $353.6 million worldwide. The movie may not have been well-received by Rotten Tomatoes, as it only received a score of 48%, but the audience score was a bit higher with a score of 67%.  

If nothing else, the film produced an iconic soundtrack that will be remembered for years to come. The movie contained songs such as "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Ray, "Bang Bang" by and "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" by Fergie. "The Great Gatsby" made a significant impact on audiences and is a great one to rewatch before the year's end.


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