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Middle Part shakes up Brooklyn music scene with new single

When a vastly talented and inspired musician spends years in isolation with a desire to connect, the result is Middle Part. The architect of the musical project, Andy Selkōw, conceived Middle Part while living in Alaska from 2017 to 2019. He brought the idea to fruition upon his relocation to New York. He released numerous singles and two EPs before creating his newest musical feat. 

In New York, Selkōw connected with producer Brian Zaremba, Michael Andrews, Frank Corr (The Drums, Morning Silk) and James McDermott (dba James, Bay Faction). Selkōw wrote and recorded his debut album, "Disruptor, " with this group of collaborators," which is set for release next year. The album was written and recorded between locations in New York and a friend's cabin in Maine near Sebago Lake, another demonstration of the interconnectedness that Selkōw strives to foster through his music. 

Middle Part's sound is characterized by nostalgia and reinvention. He pours his heart into every song to convey the deepest of his earnest emotions through distortion and hooking musical motifs. The artist draws inspiration from artists like Alanis Morissette, Third Eye Blind and Michelle Branch. 

"I'm so sensitive and hate to show it, but it just bleeds through all of my music," Selkōw said. This statement is proven through the lyrical confessions he crafts in an unconventional homage to '90s and 2000s artists.

Another important facet of Middle Part's music is community. Selkōw found his community within Brooklyn's Bushwick music scene and made strides within the group through his audacity and captivating stage presence. He has played in the coveted opening slots for artists like Biig Piig, Arlie and Yot Club and recently helped orchestrate an immersive festival experience in the neighborhood. In tandem with his unforgettable performance, this undertaking made him an invaluable and distinguished name within the Brooklyn music scene. 

With such an impressive history of live performances so recently, Middle Part was quick to deliver new material. His newest single, "Get Fixed," is a prelude to his upcoming album and perfectly sets the tone for the record. The song is a living documentation of Selkōw's experience growing up and the turbulent swell of emotions that comes with the acceptance of aging. 

"Get Fixed" exemplifies the mellowed-out rendition of the '90s and 2000s music that Selkōw hints at with his list of influences. His soft yet gritty voice carries flawlessly throughout the song, accompanied by pounding drums and moments of quiet guitar reprieves. A distortion effect blankets the entire track, inspiring the description of a new wave of pop punk. The song is spirited and vibrant, exploring the multi-layered realities of the excitements and regrets that come with growing older. 

The album from which "Get Fixed" originates promises to combine elements of maximalist pop and rock music, all with an undercurrent of genuine sincerity. Selkōw explores themes of depression and the weight of passing time, as well as the contrasting concepts of self-acceptance and realization. The album is an infusion of post-grunge and modern tones with stylistic choices unique to the artist.

Selkōw describes the album as "a depiction of insanity," which alludes to the neverending tug-of-war battle the artist faces between corporate-level productivity and remaining authentic in his craft. 

Middle Part also made an effort to emphasize the visual narrative of "Disruptor" in homage to the era of MTV. The visual story chronicles gritty bedrooms, troubled souls and the difficulties of downtown living. The visual centerpiece of the album is a glass box, representing the epitome of the tortured artist archetype. The avant-garde and mirroring aesthetic of the visuals is a nod to Middle Part's favorite directors like Greg Araki and David Lynch. 

Both of Middle Part's EPs are demonstrations of evolution and desire for connection. The first, titled "I Wish I Was Alive," featured the lead single, "& Cry!," which has amassed over four million streams on Spotify. The EP serves as Middle Part's extension of a friendly hand in a time of isolation. 

"I just want people to relate. I so desperately want to connect, and that might be the message," Selkōw said. 

The second EP, "Time Is Elastic," is a concept record bearing the genre of "dream-punk." It combines shoegaze and alt-pop influences while never straying from the band's indie rock and Y2K-inspired roots. The EP marked Selkōw's development as a lyricist and his depth of exploration into a dream-world human psyche. 

Middle Part has received praise from Ones To Watch, The Line of Best Fit and Wonderland, and spots on Spotify's Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Indie playlists. Despite the band's success, Selkōw is determined to continue his rise to musical actualization through the dark and profound "Disruptor," as well as work toward a reinvention of the music industry. 


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