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Blabby Abby: My thoughts on turning 20

This Saturday, Nov. 18, I will be turning 20 years old. That number evokes so many thoughts, positive and negative, and I feel many who are in college are thinking some of the same things. Entering this new decade of my life, I want to say, “Cheers!” to 19 and share my thoughts on my upcoming roaring 20s.

It felt like my teen years flew by, and I would say I had a pretty good time. 19 was a very full year of memories for me. It was certainly not the easiest year, with my first birthday away from my family and enduring a very long spring semester. I found out a lot about myself at 19, especially because I had a lot of alone time to think. I’ve learned how much I value alone time, but I also felt as though 19 was an isolating year. As I’ve heard from many, your 20s aren’t much different in terms of spending time alone with nothing but your thoughts. Fun!

The first thing that enters my mind when I think about my birthday is, “20? I’m perpetually 16, this cannot be true.” I think COVID-19 has me frozen in that year. The thought of entering a new decade in which I am no longer a teenager is frightening to me. I know I’ve technically been a legal adult for two years now, but it feels like 20 is where the true concept of being an adult begins. I am anything but ready for it.

Something I find frightening is the fact that people get married in their 20s. Some people have children. While this is not at all in the cards for me, it’s totally weird to think about. I can’t believe some of the things I’m eventually going to encounter in this new decade. I’m still figuring out how to French-braid my hair and cook literally anything.

Despite all of my worries, turning 20 also is really exciting for me. I thoroughly enjoy my birthday when it comes around each year. Call me a narcissist. Truthfully, I will not be having some 20th birthday rager on Court Street. The most that will be happening is getting sushi with a handful of friends, drinking cherry Coke throughout my day and probably ordering an unhealthy amount of things from Sephora to go along with my free mini tube of mascara. 

This Saturday, I’m entering a new era of my life, a pretty significant one at that. I’m going into my 20s single and burnt out, but optimistic and welcoming. I can’t wait to reflect on who I’ve become in another 10 years when I’m 29 going on 30. Here’s to 19, and to the hope that my 20s will not be followed by a great depression. 

Abby Jenkins is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnist do not reflect those of The Post. What are your thoughts? Let Abby know by tweeting her @abbyjenks18 or emailing her at

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