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Darn it, Daniel: I went home for the weekend, I'm still a mess

As mentioned in my last article, I had a double ear infection, and a nice doctor gave me medicine for it. That was exactly one week ago, and not only has the double ear infection not gone away, I can only hear about 20% in my left ear. I also lost my glasses, which means I not only can't hear, I can't see. Maybe I'll get a sore throat and lose the ability to speak next. So, here (pun intended) is why, even though I went home, I am still a mess.

This weekend, I saw Ohio University's women's soccer team win the Mid-American Conference Championship. When the Bobcats scored their second goal, they turned the camera to the Ohio fans. The whole crowd was cheering their hearts out for their daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, etc., but it's important to note that I didn't know a single player. So, out of all the people the cameraman could pan to, tell me why he chose the one guy who would be the least hyped: me. Also, by the time they cut to the fans, it had been a good 30 to 45 seconds since the goal had been scored.

If they had put the camera on me in those first 15 seconds, I probably would have looked pretty excited, but by the 30-second mark, I had gotten pretty tired of clapping. Between the decreasing enthusiasm in my clapping and my infamous ear infection, I looked like the most uncomfortable man ever. But, if you go onto ESPN+ and watch the second goal of the Ohio vs Kent State championship soccer game, you can watch the camera cut to "Darn it, Daniel," giving the least passionate clap known to man and then saying stuff under his breath like a maniac.

When you're an absolute boss like myself, you need to pay for some things. Unfortunately, I lost my debit card last Friday. The good news is I know it most likely in my dorm and there have been no charges on it. The catch is, I've been so sick that dirty clothes are everywhere— the place is a mess. "But Daniel, just clean up your room!" I am just a little guy. I am also sick and you need to be able to hear in order to clean; that's how it works. Cleaning requires music and boogie-ing.

Also, this isn't just any old card. When I went to the bank to get it, the bank employee I talked to said I could get a standard old regular card or a super cool one with Darth Vader on it, and I went with the latter. It's so cool that when my girlfriend and I were just friends, we went somewhere together, and when I said I would pay for our stuff, I whipped out my Darth Vader card. She thought it was so awesome that she asked me to be her boyfriend instantly. That's how cool this card is.

As an undecided major, choosing classes is much more of a pain for me to do, and I have beef with the process. Why do we need this whole BRICKS thing? For those of you who do not go to OU, you essentially have to take courses that fall into specific categories of BRICKS classes to graduate.

In high school, when you had to take a bunch of stupid classes, it was because you had to graduate and get into college. Now, I don't understand why I have to take these silly classes that aren't relevant to me. Do you really think a potential employer is going to ask me if I completed all of my BRICKS? Joe Biden certainly didn't have to complete BRICKS requirements, and he's the president.

Hopefully, the next time I write one of these columns it's titled something like, "Darn it, Daniel: I'm back and better than ever." But until then, I will have to embarrassingly walk into the doctor's office for the third time in two weeks. If that doesn't help, I'm going to need a new ear or two.

Daniel Gorbett is a freshman at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnist do not reflect those of The Post. What are your thoughts? Let Daniel know by emailing him

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