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Girl, Uninterrupted: Snoopy is at the top of his game

I always appreciate someone with a variety of interests. Specifically, someone who likes root beer, reading "War and Peace," collecting art, writing, and even pretending to be a World War I fighter pilot. Somehow, there seems to be only one character who has all these qualities. And that character is the beloved, talented, adventurous beagle named Snoopy.

Since the beginning of the Peanuts comic strips, Snoopy has been capturing hearts as the loyal and adventurous sidekick to Charlie Brown. Recently, however, Snoopy has been front and center with his own Apple TV show and merchandise collaborations with brands like Wet n Wild, Aeropostale and L.L. Bean. Even while planning shows for other members of the Peanuts gang, producers are constantly wondering how they can capitalize on America's love of Snoopy.

Snoopy and his friends have been popular for decades, but this new spike in interest indicates a genius marketing campaign. Taking a well-loved icon and selling products with his cute face on it is a surefire way to make millions. The best part is that people of all ages are entranced by Joe Cool.

Cedar Fair amusement parks experienced an influx of parkgoers, even in off seasons, after the introduction of their Planet Snoopy section. The parks soon developed a deeper involvement with the Peanuts brand by adding a Camp Snoopy park section, merchandise and holiday events, all of which have been successful.

Peanuts has also been marketing Snoopy products to adults, capitalizing on nostalgia. Now unavailable, Wet n Wild launched a limited edition Peanuts collection around Christmastime in 2022. The makeup collection included a bronzer palette, eyeshadow palette, lip products, makeup sponges and other cosmetic products. The products made their way all over TikTok and Youtube with influencers swooning over the adorable packaging.

The Red Cross also jumped into the action with a shirt picturing Joe Cool leaning up against its logo above the slogan "Be cool. Give blood." After volunteers gave blood, they were given the shirt for free. This shirt went viral on TikTok and suddenly adults were eager to give blood so they could get the free shirt. The Red Cross saw a major spike in blood donations, all because Snoopy said it was cool. 

I, myself, have fallen victim to the magnetic lure of Snoopy. Of course, I watched all of the Peanuts specials as a kid, but I was never a huge fan. However, all of a sudden, I have been hypnotized by that big-headed, adorable beagle. There are so many cute and trendy products involving Snoopy that remind me of happy childhood memories. It is easier to convince a consumer to buy a product when the product induces serotonin, which is exactly what Snoopy is here for.

Best of all, the character designs have hardly changed. Often when popular items or characters get updated looks, fans are unwilling to adapt to the changes and sometimes lose interest altogether. If one were to compare the Peanuts comics from the '60s with the designs of new merchandise and TV shows, one would find few differences. Peanuts fans can feel at home, even with new products, because Snoopy will always look like the friend they know and love.

Ultimately, Snoopy symbolizes Peanuts' expertise in marketing. It also symbolizes consumers' weakness when it comes to cute packaging. A plain blanket may not necessarily entice shoppers, but a blanket with their favorite cartoon character might. Few other companies have been able to make their popularity last over seven decades. Peanuts has successfully adapted through time and partnered with popular corporations to keep Snoopy and his pals on America's center stage.

Kenzie Shuman is a freshman studying Journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk more about it? Let Kenzie know by emailing her at or messaging her on Instagram @zieshuman

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