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What your favorite fall beverage says about you

Fall is well under way. The leaves have turned and the air is perfectly crisp. With its arrival, fall brought all of the season’s most delectable drinks. From warm apple cider to the classic pumpkin spice latte, fall has no shortage of beverages to help celebrate and enjoy the season. 

Everyone has a preference and some fall drinks have garnered large fan bases over the years. Here is what your favorite seasonal fall beverage says about you. 

Pumpkin spice latte

If your favorite fall beverage is a pumpkin spice latte, you enjoy the simple things in life. You love traditions and find comfort in familiarity. The pumpkin spice latte recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary and there is not much more comforting than the return of your favorite drink year after year. You probably own an abundance of sweaters and flannels, and you make the first cool day of the season a big event. 

You value time with your family and friends and place this at high importance. You do not care what other people say about you and can find the good in any situation. Just like the pumpkin spice latte, you are dependable and loyal to those in your life. 

Chai tea latte

If the chai tea latte is your favorite fall drink, you are filled with sugar, spice and everything nice. Chai tea latte enjoyers are not afraid to announce their love for the drink to anyone who will listen. You obsess over the classic combination of black tea, spices and milk, but are not afraid to add flavors such as vanilla or pumpkin to elevate this drink. 

Just like the chai latte is not everyone’s cup of tea, you also take time to warm up to people. However, once people get to know you, they love you and you will become the star of every social gathering. Also, you most likely own a cat that is the center of your whole universe. 

Warm apple cider

If your favorite fall drink is apple cider, you most likely hate coffee and just want to feel included as everyone around you indulges in their favorite seasonal coffee beverages. Apple cider is essentially a higher quality version of apple juice, so if you find yourself in your adult years drinking apple cider, you probably drank apple juice as a kid and yearned for those innocent days to come back. 

People who love this drink will find themselves at every fall festival where the apple cider flows endlessly. If you love apple cider, your favorite part of fall is all of the smells and you probably have a collection of seasonal candles. 

Hot chocolate

If your favorite fall beverage is hot chocolate, you love sweet things and hate the cold. Your favorite holiday is Christmas and as soon as fall hits, you are simply passing time until Dec. 25. You bust out the winter jacket and UGG boots as soon as the temperatures dip below 60 degrees. 

You either like your hot chocolate made in a very specific way or will drink any cup of cocoa set in front of you, there is no in-between. You probably live a somewhat stress-free life, as your favorite fall beverage traditionally contains no caffeine. You enjoy taking care of others and are extremely thoughtful, always going above and beyond for those you care about. 

Pumpkin cream cold brew

If your favorite fall beverage is the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, you only like iced coffee and spend way too much time at Starbucks. The beverage first originated in 2019 exclusively at Starbucks as a new spin on the classic, beloved pumpkin spice latte. Although many coffee shops, both local and chain, have tried to put their spin on the pumpkin cream cold foam, you strongly believe Starbucks holds the best formula.

If this is your favorite fall beverage, you would probably be found drinking an iced coffee even in below-freezing temperatures. Like the pumpkin cream cold brew, you acknowledge your past but embrace change with open arms and positivity. In a world filled with people trying to be just like everyone else, you are not afraid to be a little different.

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