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What your favorite ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ character says about you

With the ending of both the writers’ strike and the actors’ strike, production of season 20 of the hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” is officially allowed to begin. The show has seen many characters come and go during its historic television run, so here is what your favorite character says about you:

Meredith Grey

The world revolves around you, whether this is a good thing or not. You probably have deep family trauma that affects every relationship you try to pursue. Despite all of that, you are the center of your loved ones’ world and you have managed to rise above all that you have been through.

Cristina Yang

You are bold, loud and fearless. You have never let anything stand in your way. You know your worth and do not settle for anything less than. You are probably in pursuit of some challenge, and you will stop at nothing until you have achieved everything you ever wanted.

Lexie Grey

You are a rule-follower down to your core. You have never skipped class, never taken a random day off work and you deeply feel this has paid off in some way. You have a bright energy that draws people in, although they may become jealous of your talent and work ethic.

Derek Shepherd

Just like your favorite character, you are a hotshot in whatever career, degree or life path you are embarking on. You ooze confidence, sometimes to the point of arrogance, and demand attention whenever you enter the room.

Amelia Shepherd

People are awed by your seemingly natural talent, but deep down you are constantly wondering if you are good enough. You are extremely resilient and can bounce back from everything. You are probably in a competitive field and often feel overshadowed by your peers despite the outstanding work you are doing. You joke your way through every uncomfortable or tough situation in your life and are often mistaken for a comedian because of this.

Owen Hunt

You do not take no for an answer. You think everyone should follow what you do and say exactly as you say and do it. You have probably been in or are working toward a big management or leadership position and you make this your entire personality.

Miranda Bailey

You have worked extremely hard to get to where you are, and despite all the odds, you made it. You have natural leadership traits, and while this sometimes gets mistaken as you being bossy, those traits are vital to your success. You can command the attention of an entire room with just the sound of your voice. You are also an extremely good person with good intentions and you fight hard for those around you.

Alex Karev

Life has not been kind to you. For a while, this defined you and held you back, but now you have moved past all the hardships and have gotten yourself to a much better place in your life. You care deeply about the people in your life, and deep down you are scared they may leave. You have made many mistakes but have learned something important from each one.

George O’Malley

You have always been seen as the underdog. You mistake people making fun of you for jokes and compliments and are somehow unaware of the cruelties of the world. You try so hard to be perfect and while you are far from it, you always keep trying to better yourself and your skills. You are a good samaritan and are always trying to do something good. You probably rescue every stray cat you see.

Izzie Stevens

You always give people the benefit of the doubt. You are sometimes a pushover and have the tendency to let people walk all over you. You try so hard but are never fully where you want to be. You are a kind and genuine person at heart, but get caught up in circumstances that tend to paint you in a bad light.

Dr. Mark Sloan

You have some big faults and may come across as a bad person on the outside, but on the inside, you are sensitive and loving. You did not have much of a family growing up, so now that you are older, you have built a family of your own through friends you would do anything for. You are an extremely passionate person and you take your work seriously. You are confident on the outside but on the inside, you struggle with your self-worth.

April Kepner

You know your values and morals and never stray away from them. You place family above everything else and are a deeply empathetic person. You long to help people and sometimes find yourself giving unsolicited advice because of this. You know what you stand for and your opinions are not easily changed. You are loving almost to a fault and give way too many second chances.

Arizona Robbins

You are sunshine in human form. You are upbeat and can find the good in the worst situations. People know not to mistake your kindness for ignorance though. You are not afraid to put people in their place, even if you have confrontation issues.

Callie Torres

You have had many personal ups and downs and are always trying to get back to what makes you happy, whatever that may be. You are constantly in search of something greater and a bigger purpose in life. You are a fun person to be around and are always down for a good time.

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