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From best to worst: Seasons 1 to 5 of ‘The Crown,’ ranked

"The Crown" is coming to its final curtain call. We are at the end of an era that allowed our imagination of the behind-the-scenes world of the British royal family to appear on our television screens. 

With Part One of Season 6 out of the way, let's look back at the past seasons from best to worst.

Please remember that opinions may vary. 

1: Season 1

We see young Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret introduced as the face of the monarchy while struggling as people. It introduced us to the essence of ‘"The Crown,‘" which has made this show addicting. These prolific people are not just figureheads who wave on balconies but humans. They are complex and filled with intricacies that their crafted personas do not allow the public to see. 

The younger generation has seen the young Queen Elizabeth II, who captivated the older generations of the United Kingdom and many others under the commonwealth. Seeing Queen Elizabeth II in a position of change, naivety, compromise and heartache makes the monarch's role much more understandable. 

It sets the tone for what the audience could expect in the portrayals of the royal family. It established a sense of world-building in the lives of these private, yet public, world figures. We saw the building of generational expectations and responsibilities that would harm the next lines of the royal family. 

2: Season 4

We are introduced to Princess Diana and the marriage between her and Prince Charles III. Prince Charles III is still a jerk for what he did to Diana. However, it shows how unfair his life truly is. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and that is extremely true in the case of Charles. However, it showed the duality of his character and his struggles. 

The season didn't drag along. Every episode was entertaining. The acting allowed you to easily be drawn into the dialogue and storyline. There is a complexity to the characters that is well illustrated in this season. 

3: Season 5

This season gave one of the greatest adaptations of Princess Diana that we have seen to date. While she was introduced in the previous season, this season developed her as a person, showcasing Princess Diana and Prince Charles III's relationship as being complex. 

The drama was also excellent: Diana's interview, the leaked conversations between Charles and Camilla, Charles admitted to the affair, seeing how it affected Prince William and the royal family and of course – the revenge dress. 

Season 5 gained buzz because of the coverage of Princess Diana, along with other memorable events. It gave new details and possibilities to occurrences many people witnessed in real time. It also sheds complexity on people who historically have not been seen in an interpersonal light. 

4: Season 2

This season, Queen Elizabeth II's subtle changes to the monarchy were well illustrated. We also got a deeper look into Prince Philip and his trauma that affected his ability to father Prince Charles III. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's relationship is well illustrated. Seeing their struggles, acceptance and understandability is admirable. 

However, It feels like some of the episodes drag along. Some parts are very easily skippable. 

5. Season 3

The lives of Princess Margaret and Prince Charles III are key points in this season. 

Princess Margaret goes through a crisis many middle-aged women find themselves in. Many see younger women placed on pedestals that they once stood proudly on. They are unfairly put in a position where aging makes them less beautiful. Once a great tool for women, it becomes a drawback in their progress as individuals. 

The Queen puts a great deal of pressure on Prince Charles III. We see how her role as Queen has affected her relationship as a mother to her children. There is a clear disconnect between her and her children due to her choosing the rules of parliament and their public reputation over their needs and wants. 

However, they are the only truly interesting parts of this season. There are only a few notable episodes in the season, "Margaretology," "Aberfan" and "Tywysog Cymru." "Tywysog Cymru" seemed to have moments that were walking on the line of becoming boring. 

The season dragged along for most of it. There were some heartwarming moments, but it was not a ground-breaking season. It seems that the season's ultimate goal was to bridge the time gap between season three and the relationship between Diana and Charles. 


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