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Members of Ohio University's Student Senate, sit around a table during their meeting, Sept. 13, 2023.

Student Senate commissions share event plans for spring semester

Ohio University Student Senate heard a presentation from Adam Rapp, a professor of marketing and executive director of the Schey Sales Center Wednesday. 

Rapp spoke on the importance of etiquette rules and generational differences in what etiquette means. 

“Understanding professional etiquette is challenging, and to get it right is challenging as well,” Rapp said. 

Rapp said part of the difficulty comes from the lack of understanding that spans generations and various backgrounds. 

“We have to understand that the way they were raised and we were raised, socialized, and all the things that matter and are important to you are dramatically different than some of these other generations,” Rapp said.

The biggest tip that Rapp gave to students was the importance of erring on the side of professionalism. 

“When in doubt, be more professional than less professional,“ Rapp said. "It’s easier to come back from that than the opposite.”

Senate passed 11 resolutions Wednesday, five of those being to appoint new members to the Senate. Among those were new members of the Women’s Affairs, Black Affairs, Residence Life Affairs and Environmental Affairs Commission.

The Women’s Affairs Commission has been busy with its “Safer Sacks” project, including the addition of a “healthy relationships” pamphlet set to be handed out along with the sacks. 

Women’s Affairs Senator Maggie Giansante spoke on the effort to put together the pamphlet within her commission.

“It kind of centralizes a lot of our school resources,” Giansante said. “I feel like we have the best information possible and I think it is a great resource to put in the safer sacks.”

Women’s Affairs also recently held an educational event in collaboration with the Athens Fire Department. The event was aimed at teaching students to be CPR-certified. 

Aside from resolutions passed, the Senate commissions are rounding out their projects for the fall semester and looking toward the spring semester.

Precious Powell, the Black Affairs Commissioner, spoke about multiple new events for the student body set to take place during the spring semester.

Powell’s commission is working on a collaborative Diversity in STEM event with other student organizations. The Diversity in STEM event will be held Feb. 12 from 6-8 p.m. in the Walter Rotunda.

“This event will be a program to highlight Black history in collaboration with other Black organizations on campus,” Powell said.

The Environmental Affairs Commission is continuing its push for divestment of fossil fuels at OU with plans to create a divestment pledge for students to sign next semester. They also are looking into umbrella charging stations which would convert sunlight into charging ports for students to use on campus.

Treasurer Reagan Farmer gave a lengthy Treasurer’s report Wednesday, highlighting the funds left for Senate members to spend. 

“We have a lot more money we can spend,” Farmer said. “We can comfortably double our spending next semester and still have money left over.”


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