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5 signs you may be chronically online

Social media is a constant in most people's lives, so it's unsurprising to find people who are "chronically online." According to Later, the term means "those who spend significant time online, often to the point where their personality revolves around internet memes, culture and slang." 

These individuals spend the majority of their spare time on their phones, viewing social media apps and news platforms. Most Generation Z college students have likely experienced this phenomenon or have thought from time to time that they have become a part of this group.

That being said, here are five signs that you may be chronically online:

Your screen time is over three hours a day

You may be chronically online if your screen time goes over three hours daily because of your engagement on social media sites. Most people who casually use social media have daily screen times under three hours daily. However, if you love scrolling, watching TikToks, or catching up on the latest celebrity news that broke on X, formerly known as Twitter, then your screen time is probably increasing by the second. You likely use your phone often during free time, checking Instagram or Snapchat when you're not in class or hanging out with friends.

You know all the current internet "slang"

For chronically online people, you are the most up-to-date on internet "slang." Words like "OMG," "IYKYK," "IDGAF" and more are examples of written slang that indicate you are well aware of internet culture. People on the internet tend to make up short phrases, especially on TikTok, and this has led to many viral tendencies. If you say "POV" when telling a story from another person's point of view or "rizz" when you're talking about showing interest in a person, you may have a problem.

Also, chronically online people tend to use more emojis when interacting with others online. Many people use emojis when texting or emailing others or using Venmo or Cash App to send money to friends or family.

Celebrity news is one of your main passions

When it comes to celebrity news, you are the one person people can rely on. You always check X and Instagram and follow the main celebrity news sources like E! News, Entertainment Tonight, and Pop Crave. These news sites tend to break celebrity news the quickest, even if most of the time it's fueled by rumors and social media users.

You also love watching award shows, posting your favorite celebrity memes and moments online and following celebrities on social media. While this isn't necessarily bad, it proves just how loyal you are to keeping informed about breaking news, but the kind that isn't always the most important.

"Day in the Life" videos are your thing

Secretly, you make videos on TikTok, chronicling your daily activities and interactions. This trend has stayed viral on the platform for quite some time now, with many videos reaching over one million likes. Even celebrities have jumped on this trend, making it more intriguing for everyday users. 

People likely have caught you filming or taking photos of yourself doing mundane tasks around campus just for the sake of these videos. However, you find them fun and treat them as keepsakes of your days throughout the year, which, to some, is meaningful.

Your social media aesthetic is impressive

People who see your social media accounts are impressed by how well you present yourself online. Each post follows a certain aesthetic through certain filters, color schemes or themes. You also make sure your followers-to-following ratio is realistic and you tend to clean out your social media platforms every month. You also love to use certain fonts and captions, making others envious of how effortless your posts look.


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