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What your favorite 'Bob's Burgers' character says about you

In 2011, the world was introduced to the Belchers and their family-owned restaurant, Bob's Burgers. "Bob's Burgers" has aired on television for 14 seasons. The eccentric characters like Tina and Louise Belcher and witty, introverted others like Bob and Gene have had a lasting impact on the world of animated comedy.

Whether you're a devoted fan, a casual viewer or simply an enjoyer of the show's most memorable scenes, here is what your favorite "Bob's Burgers" character says about you:

Tina Belcher

You're not a person of many words, but your introspective nature and watchful eye for detail are two of your best qualities. Some people may think you're a bit quirky, but you don't let other people's opinions define you. You go through many phases of hyperfixation, focusing your attention on your current passions more than most would. You are a soft-spoken and curious person; others wish they could have those qualities when in your presence. 

You also love science and fantasy, which can sometimes intertwine with your yearning for a perfect relationship. Although you tend to overthink new relationships, people are attracted to your good intentions.

Louise Belcher

You are a hothead and everyone is intimidated by you, especially in arguments. While you're not the most warm and fuzzy person, you have a soft spot for your family. You tend to be an attention-seeker, but people find your lies and knack for storytelling intriguing. You are the black sheep of the family, but you also find comfort in being unique and liking things that others don't.

Gene Belcher

You are the type of person who lets your imagination run wild, but it tends to get you into trouble when your lack of attention fades. Some people may find you immature, but you like to look at life as an adventure every day, wanting to try something new. You are a natural extrovert, as you never stop talking or inserting your opinion. However, you do have moments where you enjoy your alone time and do not like being disturbed when it comes to being in your own space.

You can find the fun in anything, and you don't stress about the small stuff. Many people tend to take after you in terms of relieving stress and anxiety.

Linda Belcher

You're probably the mom friend of your inner circle if you align the most with Linda Belcher. Like Linda, you are an empath, becoming extremely sensitive to other people's problems. You are a protector and constant worrier, but that only allows you to stay organized in times of panic. You find humor in the most mundane things and have a secret passion for musical theater. You love being around family and friends, and you also find joy in helping others. Overall, you're everyone's biggest cheerleader, which makes your spirit and personality invaluable.

Bob Belcher

Of all your friends and family, you are an introvert when in big crowds or new situations. You only like to hang out with your tight-knit circle, and if anyone tries to enter that, you automatically start to panic. You like a challenge but also comfortability, and this shows in your day-to-day. You may want to start your own restaurant business or simply like the idea of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes, opening up to others is hard, but you eventually crack open when humor is involved. 


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